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Iranian apple for export

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Benefits of appleApple for exportApple produced in West Azerbaijan
Apple for export

Iran is one of the best “Apple for export” producing countries around the world and the Iranian apple is considered as one of the best apples around the world which is exported to many countries such as Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan
Due to its low price Iranian apple has got a good market share in the area.
As many farmers are selling their products in boxes which are not properly sorted, their products are usually sold in a low price and many exporters are investing o this product.

Apple for export

Benefits of apple

  • This heavenly fruit (apple) has got many vitamins such as A, B, C and K which are useful in the treatment or
  • prevention of many diseases.
  • Apple sets up blood pressure and lowers high blood pressure.
  • It strengthens the health of teeth and gums and eliminates bad breath.
  • Apples are one of the few foods that are completely cholesterol free and help reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Apples also lower blood sugar.
  • Apple helps prevent all types of cancers

These benefits have made the apple of Iran popular as an apple for export.

Apple for export

Apple produced in West Azerbaijan

West Azerbaijan is the first apple producing province in Iran with an approximate production rate of 40% (over 1,200,000 tons) and has got the highest share of export in the country.
West Azerbaijan is mostly famous for its Golden and Red Delicious varieties Apple for export.
Some other varieties of apples are also produced in this province such as Granny Smith, Red Star King, Gala, etc.
As the fruits are stored in big boxes, they are not sorted and therefore not good for export.
Since this province is a mountainous area, a large amount of the product is produced in foothills which has a good

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