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Types of grape fruit

Grapes come in different colors and different varieties. There are red, green, and purple grapes and they are in different varieties. Such as Sultana, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Thompson seedless, etc.
Different varieties of grapes have been cultivated domestically for thousands of years. A trade that started in the Middle East in areas including Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran and Turkey, to name a few.
About 27% percent of the produced grape around the world consumed as fresh. Only 2% of it is consumed as raisin. The rest 71% is consumed in different forms such as jelly, jam and juice.

Varieties of grapes

Benefits of consuming grapes

Grapes are rich in resveratrol, one of the world’s best known anti-oxidants that can fight against cancers of colon and prostrate, Alzheimer’s and various viral and fungal infections.
Grapes are also rich in micro-nutrient minerals (like manganese and iron) and vitamins such as K and C.
Seedless grape is a variety of grapes which is beneficial for strengthening the immune system, treatment of stomach and intestinal swelling and
purification of blood.
Black grapes contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids, known to help in maintaining a good eyesight.
Black grapes are also effective in the prevention of diabetes due to the regulation of insulin.

Varieties of grapes

Providing a low price for exporting grapes

The history of grape cultivation shows that Iran has been one the first countries in this regard.
Since Iran is the 10th country producing this fruit, exporting in a low price is something inevitable.
Russia, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and United Arab Emirates have nowadays become the greatest markets for exporting Iranian grape.
The large Varieties  of grapes produced in the country has made it possible to find a good share in the export market.
The grape not only exported as fresh fruit but it also exported in the form of raisins, currants, etc.

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