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Cucumber price in Punjab

The botanical name of cucumber is Cucumis sativus and is the original of India. Cucumber price is in this available for customers.
Cucumber is a fruit which contains 96% water and is therefore perfect in summer season.

Origin of cucumber

The plants are large sized, leaves are hairy and are triangular in shape and the flowers are in yellow color. Therefore cucumber is an excellent source of Mb (Molybdenum) and Vitamin K. Cucumber used to cure skin problems, kidney and heart problems.

Origin of cucumber

Popular varieties of Punjab cucumber

Punjab Kheera is a variety of cucumber which has dark green color fruits which are bitter.
Harvesting can do after 45 and 60 days of sowing in September and January month sown crop.
Punjab Naveen is another variety which has dark green color leaves and the fruit is light with smooth surface. The fruits are crispy and contain high amount of Vitamin C.
This variety can harvested within 68 days.

Origin of cucumber

The market for Punjab cucumber

As the cucumber produced in Punjab is of a high quality, it has a good market around the world and many importers are importing from India.
With lots of varieties, India, and especially Punjab, is ready to supply the demand of the market.
As the major price of Punjab cucumber is cheaper in dollars, the importing market for the other countries becomes improves.
As the online sales websites offer a fair price for these high-quality products, many customers are satisfies about this.

Origin of cucumber

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