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sweet mango auto harvest

Mango is one of the main products of Indian farms which has a great share in the export market of this country.
India is one of the biggest exporters of mango around the world.

Sweet mango
Among the many other countries producing this tropical fruit, India has been able to rank the first in the export market of this product to many countries.

Sweet mango

Harvesting mango

Mango is a fruit which becomes yellow, red or orange when ripens. But there are some varieties which are green and ripen.
Mangoes are fruits exported in different forms such as puree, jam, juice, fresh or dried fruit and even mango powder.
To harvest your mangos, give the fruit a tug. If the stem snaps off easily, it’s ripe.
Continue to harvest in this manner or use pruning shears to remove the fruit. Try to leave a 4-inch stem at the top of the fruit.
If the stem is shorter, a sticky, milky sap exudes, which is not only messy but can cause sapburn. Sapburn causes black lesions on the fruit, leading to rot and cutting storage and usage time.

Sweet mango

Storing mango

Cold storage and application of skin coatings are the two methods to control the ripening processes and reduce aging and water in mango.
Store unripe mangoes in a dark, room temperature containers.
Store ripe mangoes in the fridge so they will not lose their flavor.
Be careful about your mangoes turning rotten.
After six days, ripe mangoes are likely to show symptoms of rot like mushy, black skin and a sour smell.

Sweet mango

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