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Persian cucumber for export

Persian cucumber really stands out among other types because of their amazing quality and purposes, as even though they are burp less, they also work great for slicing and pickling. That’s why they are extremely popular worldwide and many international companies, trade them among their products.
Cucumbers generally divided up into categories according to their most dominant attributes. They generally divided into slicing, pickling, burp less and specialty types of cucumbers.
Iranian cucumbers are in the burp less category, and are known for their thin skin, crunchy flesh, organic nature, and also their amazing quality and taste.

Persian cucumber for export

Iran is the third largest cucumber producer in the world

Iran is the third biggest cucumber producing country after China and Turkey with the annual production of 2 million tons. Most of the Persian cucumbers in Iran are harvested during autumn in the cities of Dezful, Varamin, and Fars province.
There are also some winter harvests in cities with warmer climates such as Jiroft, Bandar Abbas, and Dezful. Since cucumbers farmed both in open land and in greenhouses in Iran, there no actual specific harvesting season and they are available all year long.
Also, according to the Iranian customs, nearly 200000 tons of these Iranian cucumbers are exported to different countries, every year.

Persian cucumber for export

What’s a Persian cucumber?

Persian and the common well known English cucumbers, may look a lot like each other, but there are actually some minor differences.
They are both thin-skinned enough to served unpeeled, and both are nearly without any seeds. English cucumbers are often about a foot long, while Persian cucumbers are only about 5-6 inches.
Persian cucumbers are also very popular in some regions of the world, and are an essential parts to many recipes all over the world.

Persian cucumber for export

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Why Choose a Persian Cucumber?

Persian cucumbers are a favorite of many people worldwide because of some of its great characteristics. First of all, there are no to very little amount of seeds in them. The second reason is that they have a thin skin, which makes them ideal for serving unpeeled.
Another reason is their crunchy texture which makes them favorable for eating raw, or even making pickles. The last amazing benefit of these cucumbers are their very mild, or even slightly sweet, taste.

Persian cucumber for export

Cucumber packaging for export

Packaging cucumbers of generally vegetables, requires a great deal of attention due to their fragile nature. Cucumber packaging boxes should be strong enough to keep the fragile skin of the product from any harms or cuts.
They also should built airtight, so they would be able to protect the cucumbers from open air, and thus keep them fresh for longer.
They should also be light weight, easy to transport, environmental friendly and cost efficient for big companies.

Persian cucumber for export

Where to buy Persian cucumbers?

Persian cucumbers found almost everywhere in the world. Iran is one of the biggest producers and also exporters of cucumbers.
Their fresh cucumbers exported to many countries in all the seven continents. A lot of international fruit companies, try to include Persian cucumbers among their products and ship them to their countries.
Persian cucumbers also found in a lot of online websites and applications that trade in fruit and vegetable sales online.

Persian cucumber for export

Wholesale prices of cucumbers

Cucumbers from Iran have a really good and affordable international wholesale price due to the amount of farms and production in Iran. The final price of the cucumbers depends on factors like the type, freshness, the season of the harvest and many other.
Also open farm organic non-GMO cucumbers are more popular and a little bit more expensive. But these days, advancements in technologies have made farming procedures easier and the yield rates higher that affect the final price.
Technologies also have made shipping and distribution much faster, safer, cheaper and easier.

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