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Mango price per ton in Iran

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Indian Mango ExportsPakistan Mango ExportMango imports to IranIran Mango suppliersMango price per tonMango wholesale market prices in Iran
Mango price per ton

Mangoes are among the world’s top favorite tropical fruits and there are more than 45 million tons of them are produced in the world every year. Iran is also a big importer of tropical fruits by thousands to tons, and every month, the mango price per ton in Iran are set according to the factors.

There are more than 45 million tons of mangoes being produced all over the world every year. Mangoes are tropical fruits and India, being the largest producer of the world, produces around 50% of that amount.

Mangoes also have   plenty of health benefits and they contain Vitamins C, A and potassium, which can reduce the risks of heart diseases.

Mango price per ton

Indian Mango Exports

Indians are the biggest consumers of the mangoes on the planet. Which and account for a total of 41% of the total mango consumption. As a result of this large amount of consumption, India is not the biggest exporters of mangoes. even though it is the biggest producer of it with more than 18 million tons every year.

Most of the Indian mangoes are exported to Middle Eastern, and West Asian countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The biggest non-Asian customer of the Indian mangoes is also the united Kingdom with around 5000 tons on mangoes every year. The Indian mango price per ton also depends on the destination of the export.

Mango price per ton

Pakistan Mango Export

Pakistan is one of the exclusive producers and exporters of mangoes. It produces almost two million tons of mangoes annually. Also pakistan sends its largest mango to neighboring countries of the Middle East and Asia. It also sends some quantities of mangoes to European customers.

Pakistan’s mango industry suffered great losses due to the recent climate changes in the region. But, they are planning to restore their previous productions, and even increase their farms and exports in the near future.

Mango price per ton

Mango imports to Iran

Iran is a big customer of tropical fruit, because it does not have the appropriate climate conditions to produce these fruits. The country imports an average amount 20000 tons of mangoes every year. There different types of mangoes exported to the Iranian markets.

The most popular varieties are Sindhri and Chaunsa that imported from Pakistani farms.  These imported mango price per ton also depends on the variety and the country of origin of the mangoes.

Mango price per ton

Iran Mango suppliers

Pakistan is the number one supplier of mangoes in the Iranian markets. With more than 17000 tons of fresh fruit, every year. Other big exporting countries are India, Turkey, and Thailand, which supply Iran with different varieties of mangoes.

There are also some small amounts of imports from south American countries every year. these imports are not really convenient, because mangoes have a really short shelf life. And the distance is a problem for them and also raises the shipment costs.

Mango price per ton

Mango price per ton

There are a lot of factors that set the mango prices per ton. Mangoes have different shapes and colors based on their type, and all of them have different prices. Also their shelf life is different, and some varieties require faster distribution which will affect their price.

There are also some packaging requirements to keep the mangoes fresh for longer that will affect the final price. Alphonso mangoes are the most popular among species and many people consider them to be the best.

Mango price per ton

Mango wholesale market prices in Iran

Mangoes are becoming more and more popular in Iran every day. And because of the lack of appropriate climate for mango production, they aimported. The wholesale prices depends on a lot of factors, most importantly the variety of them.

Alphonso mangoes are the most expensive and high quality mangoes which are everyone’s favorite. The new advancements in the technology, have made the shipping and distribution process much cheaper and faster. This fact, made the wholesale prices of mangoes lower, and companies can now focus on increasing their mangoes’ quality.

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