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Iranian Grapes for export to Russia

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Iran Grapes' Rating in the WorldIranian grape production on the riseVarieties of grapes that grows in IranExport Grapes From IranWholesale Grapes in RussiaThe daily price of grape
Iranian Grapes

Grapes are among the most popular fruits in the world and are cultivated by many countries all around the globe for commercial purposes, including Iran. A big part of these productions in all the states are set for export, and there are a lot of Iranian grapes for export to Russian and other countries.

Grapes one of the most heavily cultivated fruit plants on the planet. Which is production in all the continents and both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.

China and USA are the biggest producer and exporter of grapes and hold the biggest share of the market. Also is Iran among the top Asian producers of the fruit, and has some exports every year.

Iranian Grapes

Iran Grapes’ Rating in the World

Iran ranked 8th as the world’s largest grape producer. Also produces 3.2 million tons of grapes per year, which has more than 294,000 hectares of vineyards. Kurdistan, Qazvin, North Khorasan and East and West Azerbaijan are the biggest states producing grapes in Iran.

Iranian grapes account for a big part of the country’s agricultural production and export. There are a lot of different varieties of seeded and seedless grapes with different colors, produced in different states of Iran, which have different climates and qualities.

The grapes produced in Iran are exported to more than 70 countries every year. Which are in high demand on the international markets.

Iranian Grapes

Iranian grape production on the rise

The international trade of fresh grapes have been on the rise over the past few decades. And the global production is constantly increasing. Qazvin province is the largest producer and exporter of grapes in Iran. Followed by the provinces of Fars, Khorasan, and East and West Azerbaijan.

There are currently near 300000 hectares of vineyards under work in Iran with a lot of Plans for expansion. Also the amount of grape exports have increased recently, and there are plans to keep improving.

Iranian Grapes

Varieties of grapes that grows in Iran

There are more than 400 official Iranian grapes cultivated all over the country. They are an important part of the Iranian economy. Most of these varieties are grown locally, but there are a few popular strains that are grown on a commercial scale.

Some of the most popular and common varieties in Iran are Red and Green seedless, Persian Pikami, Shahroud, Asgari grapes. Asgari one of the most popular of the grapes produced in Iran and has customers from many countries.

Iranian Grapes

Export Grapes From Iran

Iran is the 11th biggest exporter of fresh grapes and the 3rd biggest exporter of raisins in the world.  Asgari grapes are popular worldwide due to their quality and amazing taste and have customers from countries like Russia, Iraq, Syria.

These high quality grapes shipped to more than 70 countries of the world every year. Iranian grapes have known as an international brand over the past decades. And are very high demanding among the international companies.

Iranian Grapes

Wholesale Grapes in Russia

Russia is among the biggest importer of fresh fruits in the world. They import hundreds of thousands tons of grapes from different countries including Iran on a yearly basis. The short distance and the sea border between the two countries have made these trades much easier.

Iranian grapes are very popular in the Russian markets.  They achieved their popularity because of their high quality, amazing taste, the organic nature of their production in the Iranian farms.

Iranian Grapes

The daily price of grape

Grapes and their side products are extremely popular worldwide. And as a result of this popularity, a lot of big international companies are trading them every year. The main indicator in the grape’s price is its variety.

There a great deal of different seeded and seedless grapes in different colors and for different purposes that vary in the prices. Recent technological and transportation advancements have also made the shipping process easier and cheaper. Which it can help reduce the price. Since grapes have such a short shelf life, their freshness is also a big indicator of the price.

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