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Mango Importer Company to Iran

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Mango consumption in IranImport mangoes from India and Pakistan to IranMango Importer CompanySupply of all kinds of fruits by VITARAD companyImported mango prices in Iran
Mango Importer

Many people consider mangoes to be the king of the fruits, and considering the many benefits and the amazing taste of these fruits, this sentence is not far from the truth. This fruit is also popular in most countries of the world including Iran, and there are many mango importer company to Iran.

Mangoes are a great source of various vitamins and minerals and are also full of energy and can boost you for hours. The high energy levels and the many nutrients within the fruit, makes them ideal for athletes or elder people as a healthy snack. These fruits are very popular internationally, and most of the non-tropical countries are large Mango Importer.

Mango Importer

Mango consumption in Iran

Tropical fruits like bananas and mangoes are very popular in the Middle Eastern countries like Iran, and these fruits have a sizable market there. All of these countries import mangoes from large Asian producers like India, Philippines and Pakistan. Iran is no exception in there and needs to supply its markets from Mango Importer.

Mangoes are tropical fruits and need warm tropical climates in order to grow. Iran has tropical climates in the south of the country and also produces some amounts of mangoes as well, but it isn’t enough to meet the local needs. There are also some mango imports from South and Central American tropical countries.Mango Importer


Import mangoes from India and Pakistan to Iran

As it was mentioned earlier, Iran is one of the largest Mango Importer in the Middle East and the world. Over the past ten years, mangoes have become very popular in this country and are now a part of the people’s diets. Fresh mangoes and mango flavored products are imported to the country on large scales.

The largest suppliers of the Iranian mango markets are Pakistan and India. India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world and supplies around half of the mangoes produced in the world. Pakistan is also very close to Iran and can easily ship its high quality fruits over the border.

Mango Importer

Mango Importer Company

A big international market like the Middle East, attracts a lot of mango importer companies. Most of the large Asian producers of mangoes, target the Middle East and Iran every year. This is because of the fact that this region is the closes importer to these countries.

Also the high population and the popularity of mangoes in this region, attracts every producer in the world. Pakistan and India are among the largest suppliers in the region and have exports every harvesting season. These countries are also very close to the region and ship their products through the sea and land borders.

Mango Importer

Supply of all kinds of fruits by VITARAD company

Being one of the largest Mango Importer in Iran, is only a small part of the Vitarad company. Vitarad is among the best and most reliable Iranian fruit companies and has lots of exports and imports every year. This company imports the best tropical fruits like mangoes, from the top producers of the world. Most of the mangoes supplied by this company come from Pakistan and India.

There are also large quantities of exports from the top Iranian fruits and vegetables. Vitarad collects and exports only the finest Iranian agricultural products and has customers from all over the world.

Mango Importer

Imported mango prices in Iran

There are various types of mangoes purchased from different Mango Importer and sent to Iran every year. Each of these trades are different and each shipment has got its own price. A large part of any fruit trade is the transportation costs which will increase with distance. That’s why Iran and other Middle Eastern importers purchase most of their mangoes from Asian producers.

This will lower the transportation costs and will also allow the products to reach the destination markets as fresh and fast as possible. The mangoes cultivars could also be a big indicator in setting their prices. This is because of the fact that there are many different mango cultivars with various characteristics and prices.

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