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Wholesale of Oshnavieh apples in the international market

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Produce the best apple in OshnaviehSeason of harvesting apple in Oshnavieh of IranInternational trade of Iranian appleExports of apple from IranWholesale of Oshnavieh apples
Oshnavieh apples

Oshnavieh is a large city in the West Azerbaijan province in the north west of Iran which is famous for its apple production and has hectares of apple farms in itself. There are also a lot of companies that are active in the wholesale of Oshnavieh apples in the international markets of the world.

Apple farming is one of the largest industries in the West Azerbaijan province and Oshnavieh apples are some of the best examples of these high quality fruits. They are distributed to many of the local markets within the country and are very popular there, as well. These apples also account for a large part of Iranian apple exports and exported abroad.

Oshnavieh apples

Produce the best apple in Oshnavieh

Oshnavieh apples are one of the best agricultural products of Iran, and the climate and the topology of this city is perfect for producing high quality apples. There are over 7500 hectares of apple farms in this city which produce more than 90000 tons of fresh apples every year.

Also there are records of the production exceeding 100000 tons, over the past few years. Most of the apples produced in this city are from the world famous Red and golden Delicious cultivars which are high quality fresh consumption apples. These apples are also very popular for exports. As a result, the apples of Oshnavieh exported to many countries in the Middle East.

Oshnavieh apples

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Season of harvesting apple in Oshnavieh of Iran

Most of the apple farms in Iran usually harvested in the autumn, and delicious Oshnavieh apples are no exception. There are also weather conditions which can affect the harvesting season and the apple production. The harvesting of apples in Oshnavieh usually starts at the end of September and goes on for a few months.

There are more than 4000 apple farmers in Oshnavieh. All of these farmers are extremely busy in autumn, and send their precious apples to the local and international markets. Generally, the West Azerbaijan province s the largest apple producer in the country.

Oshnavieh apples

International trade of Iranian apple

Iran produces 3.7 million tons of apples every year, which is more than 3% of the total global production. It is also the largest producer of apples in the whole Middle East region. This high amount of production, allows Iran to dominate the West Asian markets and export its apples to many countries.

There are many Iranian cities which are famous for their apples, such as Urmia or Oshnavieh apples. These apples are also popular on the international markets and have the required quality for fresh consumption. All of these high quality apples are a result of the perfect climate of these cities.

Oshnavieh apples

Exports of apple from Iran

Iran is the main supplier of apples in the Middle East and West Asian regions. Most of the countries in these areas do not have lots of apple production and need to supply their markets from foreign producers. Iran is the best option for them both in terms of quality and profitability.

First of all, most of the Iranian apples are extremely high quality and are mostly organic like the Oshnavieh apples. Second, by importing from Iran, these countries will save a lot of money on transportation and can reduce the final retail prices. The lower retail prices will increase the sales and makes it much easier.

Oshnavieh apples

Wholesale of Oshnavieh apples

As it was mentioned earlier, Oshnavieh apples exported to many different countries of the world. These apples are a popular part of the Iranian apple exports. The United Arab Emirates is the largest importer of these apples and accounts for more than 63% of the total exports. There are also lots of apple exports to Central Asia.

Pakistan and India purchase large quantities of Iranian apples every harvesting season and account for 17 and 6% of the total Iranian apple exports, respectively. The Iranian apple industry is a multi-million dollar industry, and very important to the Iranian economy and agriculture. There are also hectares of apple farms within the country which account for a lot of jobs.

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