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Exporting bell pepper to Europe

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Bell pepper consumption in EuropeCooking with bell peppersProduction of different colors of pepper in IranExporting bell pepper from IranBuy Iranian bell peppers in European markets
Exporting bell pepper

The consumption of bell peppers in any color is increasing as the consumers understand its benefits. Bell peppers can be also used as powder which is also very popular. Exporting bell pepper with different colors is so extensive. Bell peppers range in color from pale to dark green, then from yellow to orange to red.

Some peppers range from light green to dark. The flavors can vary from bland too sweet to bittersweet. Bright red or orange peppers are more mature fruits. They will have a sweeter flavor and higher nutrient content with great taste indeed. Green peppers are immature and have a more bitter taste. Exporting bell pepper from Iran to other countries has so many advantages for both sides.

Exporting bell pepper

Bell pepper consumption in Europe

Exporting bell pepper to European countries has increased a lot. European countries have increased their bell pepper consumption recently. Stir-frying peppers is very popular among Dutch consumers. A whopping 55% of the peppers in the Netherlands are eaten this way. In Spain, 4.3 kilograms of peppers are consumed per person.

This means that the average spending for peppers is about € 8 per person in the same year. A German household purchased almost 6 kilos of peppers in 2012.This is an increase of 0.25 kg .The red pepper is the bestselling pepper. The percentage of pepper buying households was around 85% in 2014.

Exporting bell pepper

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Cooking with bell peppers

Peppers can be cooked in a variety of ways: steamed, sautéed, grilled, roasted, stuffed & baked. They are also quite good raw in salads or with dips with delicate taste. Make sure to really clean the pepper if you are planning on using it raw. To clean a pepper, slice it in half lengthwise, then scoop out all of the seeds and discard the stem.

Bell pepper has many consumers around the world and most of them use this raw in their healthy diet as it contains lots of antioxidants for their shiny skin. Therefore exporting bell pepper has increased. The use of fresh bell peppers in cooking has also made this vegetable a great choice for the cooks around the world to make a big change in food style and taste.

Exporting bell pepper

Production of different colors of pepper in Iran

Because of the great weather conditions in Iran, many cities have the suitable conditions to produce high quality bell pepper and this makes Iran as one of the greatest exporters of bell pepper in the world. Fresh bell pepper exported from Iran has increased day by day as the demand for this vegetable rises constantly.

Production of bell peppers conducted nearly everywhere in Iran in different colors of green, yellow, orange and red rainbow of nice colors indeed. The most common type is the green bell pepper which usually exported unripe and has much more demands. The production of yellow and orange bell peppers and exporting bell pepper conducted in some cities of Iran.

Exporting bell pepper

Exporting bell pepper from Iran

Bell pepper has lots of benefits and is very popular by many foreign consumers who use this vegetable in their salad. The countries importing this vegetable are always looking for the highest quality product and this is what the Iranian producers can bring about for them.

The produced high-quality bell peppers packed in high grade marketable packs to exported to the destination countries with the lowest damage. Export of fresh bell pepper is also high and many companies are dealing with this great feature. Exporting bell pepper to the other countries needs high quality product and trade exports in this regard.

Exporting bell pepper

Buy Iranian bell peppers in European markets

High quality Iranian bell peppers bought in European countries with reasonable price and high grade packaging every year. Europeans have made so many delicious recipes with this vegetable with great smell and taste. Some of their cooking styles come from Asian recipes.

Extensive European demands on bell pepper have made such a big competition among bell pepper producers. The price of sweet pepper per ton usually depends on its type, quality and packaging. Exporting bell pepper from Iran meet all these factors, but the price is cheaper than many other exporters.

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