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Wholesale red pomegranate online

Wholesale is an old way of primal stages of sale about every article. Online sale is a modern method of sale that has been prevalent in recent years. Online whole sale is more updated phenomenon that can show new courses for sale. Wholesale red pomegranate online is a trade for swift sale of this fruit.

Maybe it is less than a decade that the new method of sale via internet is done in Iran. At first digital and artificial articles sold by internet. But nowadays everything even fruits sold in online method. Sale of red pomegranate also performed by internet. And wholesale red pomegranate online is the novel way of pomegranate sale.

The benefits of red pomegranate

Nourishment specialists say that pomegranate has 50 benefits. Some of them are these notes:

  1. crust and root of pomegranate are worm antagonist,
  2. pomegranate is mild and reinforce and anti-thirsty,
  3. sweat pomegranate after food helps to easy digestion,
  4.  sweat pomegranate is useful for slum people,
  5.  this fruit is useful for jaundice patients,
  6.  it relieves scabies of body,
  7. sweat pomegranate reinforces stomach and liver,
  8.  to cure oral wounds several times a day keep sour pomegranate in your gorge,
  9. eating pomegranate destroys sadness and sorrow,
  10. pomegranate is good for pregnant women, and so on
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The variety of pomegranate flavors in Iran

Iranian pomegranate because of its flavor, perfume, color and taste more different and qualified than foreign one. Genetic variety of this crop is very much and there are more than 760 kinds of this fruit in Iran. Plenty of these species known by the districts that grow in.

for example pomegranate of Saveh, Firoozkooh, Neyzar Ghom, Ferdos Khorasan, black pomegranate and Agha mohammadali and Yazd sweat pomegranate and etc… every of them has special flavor and color. Wholesale red pomegranate online introduces every of these species and sorts.

Wholesale red pomegranate online

Pomegranates are picked and packed in a carton

Pomegranate and totally garden crops because of storage problems and corruptibility have complicated condition. Pack of pomegranate is an important parameter in this trade. In fact, chief part of 800000 tone pomegranate produced in country harvested in limited time between Mehr an Aban.

Most part of this harvest goes to market. Modern methods of keeping crops are useful and decrease wastage of fruit. So If Pomegranates picked and packed in a carton and online wholesale of red pomegranate and progressive sale of this crap results to a proper price and sell.

Wholesale red pomegranate online

Iranian red pomegranate exports

For export of pomegranate having sorting saloons, in hygienic circumference, based on universal obligatory committals are necessary. In fact, Keeping time should be ages for delivering a fresh and qualified party of pomegranate to consumer.

As well as wholesale red pomegranate online, other side-products of this fruit like pomegranate extract, pomegranate juice and pomegranate sauce sold by online method. In 1395 Iranian red pomegranate exported to 20 countries of world included Germany, England, A.U.E, Iraq, Ukraine, Netherlands, and Korea.

Wholesale red pomegranate online

Wholesale red pomegranate online

Whole sale is a kind of merchandise that buys high amounts of article straight from producers and distributers and storages them and sells to other companies, but not the actual consumer. Because wholesalers buy high among of article, they pay low prices for their purchase and then add a percentage for their sale. In online wholesale dealer doesn’t rent store and physical office.

So that lower bills will be appeared. Online wholesaler can remise a part of the price and in the same time add to his portion. Cheaper sale of every article via internet is delightful for buyer companies and also the consumer at last. Wholesale red pomegranate online is done like other articles and fruits and has good effect on pomegranate price.

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