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Philippine banana prices in the Middle East

The banana industry is one of the largest fruit industries on the planet with 150 million tons in size, and billions of dollars in value. Philippines is one of the largest Asian producers which has exports to West Asian and Philippine banana prices in the Middle East are changing every year.

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the European and Middle Eastern countries which are not producers of the fruit. Philippine banana prices are really suitable and profitable for the banana importers in these countries and all of them supply portions of their markets with these bananas. The high quality of them has also help increase their popularity.

Philippine banana prices

Banana consumption in the Middle East

The Middle East is one of the heaviest populated regions on earth and there aren’t many tropical climates in these countries. On the other hand, Bananas and other tropical fruits are quite popular these and the little production in some Middle Eastern countries is not enough to supply the markets. As a result, there are millions of tons of bananas being imported to these countries every year.

Some of the largest suppliers in these regions are countries like India, Pakistan, and Philippines. The Philippine banana prices in these regions are affordable for the importers. The high quality of these bananas have also made their sale very easy.

Philippine banana prices

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Producing the best banana quality in the Philippines

Philippines is the 6th largest producer of bananas in the world and produces 5.8 million metric tons of the fruit every year. Also the tropical climate allows for some high quality bananas which account for more than 5% of the total global production. Banana plantations are very important to the people of Philippines.

They are a big part of their economy and account for a lot of jobs in the country. Also the suitable Philippine banana prices, made them very popular among neighboring importers. Most of the bananas produced in the Philippines are from the high quality yellow Cavendish cultivar.

Philippine banana prices

Banana exports from the Philippines

Philippines is the 3rd biggest exporter of bananas in the world and single handedly accounts for 9.5% of the global banana market. Their bananas are sent to many different countries in Europe and Asia. Also the Philippine banana prices are so good that they made them a popular item on the markets.

China is the largest importer of these bananas and accounts for 35% of the total exports. Other big Asian importers include South Korea and Japan with 23% and 19% respectively. There are also large shipments of Philippine bananas to Russia and New Zealand every year as well.

Philippine banana prices

Philippine bananas on the market

Philippines is one of the biggest producers of bananas in the world, and a big exporter of the fruit as well. The perfect tropical climate in this country allows for really high quality bananas to be grown there. As a result, bananas account for a large part of the agricultural products of the Philippines.

Also due to this high amount of production, the Philippine banana prices are really suitable for exports. Many countries from all over the world supply their local fruit markets with Philippine bananas. There are annual banana exports to countries from different continents like Asia and Europe.

Philippine banana prices

Buy bananas in the Middle East

These days, it has become quite easy to buy bananas in all Middle Eastern countries in the region. Large shipments of bananas from Asian and South American producers reach these countries every year. Most Middle Eastern countries prefer Asian producers because of the financial reasons.

The short distance between these countries have made the transportation costs much lower than the ones from South America. So as a result, Many countries’ bananas like the Philippine banana prices, reduced in these regions. Also in these imports, the bananas reach their destination countries as fresh and quick as possible. The long transportation times might affect the quality and freshness of the bananas.

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