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Fruits considered as the most delicious snacks around the world which people use every day. One the delicious fruits is kiwi. Kiwi mainly from south china but by the time this fruit cultivated used in countries such as New Zealand, Iran, Italy and Chile which now considered as big kiwi expanders.

The name of this fruit was taken from the name of a beautiful bird which was the national symbol of New Zealand in the past. These days kiwi can be found in many countries because of exportation of the countries that produce kiwi and the people which fruits are their favorite, buy kiwi due to the taste and the vitamins which makes kiwi, a healthful fruit.

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Kiwi gardens in Iran

About 50 years ago, the first kiwi planted in Ramsar,

one of the northern cities of Iran. Nowadays kiwi being cultivated in three northern cities of Iran named Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan which are close to the Caspian Sea and the climate of that area is the best for cultivating this fruit.

This fruit being cultivated about 110,000 tons per year in Iran and Golestan with 70,000 tons of production per year known the second most productive city. This huge amount of production has made Iran one of the main producers and expanders of this fruit in the whole world. The huge amount of production can provide the need of customers inside or outside the country.

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Buy kiwi fruit at a cheap price

Kiwi used daily by people specially in important events like historical events, new year events which relatives meet each other or weeding parties. The best places which this fruit can be easily found are the markets or fruit stores in the city.

Due to the quality of fruit, the price can be change. But in some markets or fruit stores, kiwi with good quality and low price can be found. Sometimes big stores have discounts for their products. If people want to find fruits like kiwi with a good quality and a cheap price, these stores are their destination to go and buy kiwi.

Buy kiwi fruit

Kiwi purchase price from the manufacturer

Prices change through time and year by year people feel the increase in prices. The price which you can buy kiwi in stores is higher than the price they buy it from manufacturer. This higher price will result in the process of producing fruits, such as packing and transferring them from the garden to the stores. This will prepare them for sale.

As the kiwi purchase price from the manufacturer is lower than the price in stores. Once you visit the cities which cultivate kiwi, you can buy it from the manufacturer at a lower price. The purchase price from the manufacturer due to the last statistics is about 3000 to 4000 tomans per kilogram.

Buy kiwi fruit

Foreign buyers of Iranian kiwi

The huge productivity of kiwi in Iran caused the country to be able to become one the main expanders of kiwi. This fruit one the top products which expanded to different foreign countries. Due to the statistics, Iran exported 55,000 tons of kiwi in a year.

Countries like Pakistan, japan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Ukraine, Italy, Bahrain, Tajikistan, Turkey, India, Iraq, Oman, Russia, Kuwait and Malaysia are the buyers of Iranian kiwi. Among these countries, Russia is the main country which Iranian kiwi exported.

Buy kiwi fruit

Export kiwi from Iran

Kiwi usually cultivated in areas which are rainy and have high moisture. So some countries are not capable to cultivate kiwi in their country. This issue is not a serious problem because there are some countries which cultivate and expand kiwi to other countries. Iran is one the expanders of kiwi with high quality in the world.

The countries which lack of climate conditions for cultivating kiwi can import kiwi from Iran. Iran cultivates kiwi in huge amounts Because the northern cities of Iran have the best climate condition for cultivating kiwi. This issue has made Iran one the important expanders of kiwi which provides the need of many countries. Iran stands in 4th rank among the other expanders in the world.

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