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Cucumber export to Dubai

Cucumbers have been one of the most common vegetables for thousands of years, and they are still one of the largest agricultural products of Iran. The production of cucumber can be done in greenhouses in four seasons and in any places with any weather condition but under great supervisions. Based on cucumber export to Dubai data, Cucumber produced, exported and consumed in great amounts.

Cucumbers contain several antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene and manganese, as well as flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. They are high in copper, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, biotin and vitamin B1. Cucumber export to Dubai is so extensive due to its nutrients.

Cucumber export to Dubai

Cucumber Shoppers In Dubai

Iranian cucumbers have one of the healthiest fruits among other vegetables and are very popular in both the local and international markets especially Dubai. Barbed cucumbers exported from Iran, and they are quite profitable due to the high quality and organic features. Price barbed cucumber purchase has made them a unique export factor to Dubai with great demands.

Many of the buyers in Dubai buy them for fresh consumption in salads, pickles, make up production and etc. Dubai is one of the biggest importers of Iranian cucumbers and also buys barbed cucumbers for pickling. Cucumber export to Dubai has been so satisfying due to its high quality features.

Cucumber export to Dubai

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Production of Persian cucumber and barbed cucumber in Iran

Iran is one of the main suppliers of Persian and barbed cucumbers in the Middle East region and also one of the biggest in the world. Persian and barbed cucumber export to Dubai has made such a great change in cucumber marketing. So Persian cucumbers provide a sweet and mild taste with a pronounced crunch.

Also Persian cucumbers are available year-round. Mostly everyone prefers the Persian cucumber’s sweet taste, almost seedless flesh, crunchy texture, and versatility. Cucumber , considering as both refreshing and nutritious vegetable and fruit has reached its high demand level among all countries in recent years.

Cucumber export to Dubai

Cucumber luxury package for export

Our luxury package has created a great shift in the packaging industry because of its low weight, strength, durability, easy printing and cutting, beauty, strength and safety features, and it is perfect to supplied to markets safe and sound.

Surly, it has persuaded international and domestic companies to use this appealing and luxury package for this fruit in cucumber export to Dubai. Resistant to moisture, water, rain and industrial chemicals and oils and variations in the thickness and strength as well as a variety of colors have made this product perfect to use in packing.

Cucumber export to Dubai

Cucumber export to Dubai

High quality cucumber export data shows. That Iranian cucumber exports to Middle East especially Dubai exceeds thousands of tons. Supplies most of the markets in the neighboring regions which is so great. Persian cucumbers are also rich in different vitamins and nutrients. Which can be a great addition to everybody’s healthy diet especially vegies’ with low calories.

They are also a great source of water and can protect the body and skin from dehydration. Especially in hot months of Dubai. Barbed cucumber export to Dubai is very popular in this region, and it is also very high quality indeed.

Cucumber export to Dubai

Buy Persian cucumber in Dubai

Usually, the open farm products considered to be more natural and are more expensive. This does not mean that the greenhouse cucumbers are any lower in terms of quality and taste. There are also different cultivars of cucumbers with different characteristics and each of them has its own prices.

Generally, when considering the amazing benefits of the Iranian cucumbers, their prices are quite affordable. Cucumber export data shows that this reasonable price has appealed so many countries. You can buy Persian and barbed cucumbers in Iran with affordable price indeed. Go for cucumber export to Dubai!

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