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Indian green banana prices in the middle east

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Per capita banana consumption in the middle eastThe benefits of green bananaBanana production in IndiaBanana exports from India to the middle eastIndian green banana prices
Indian green banana prices

Bananas are one the favorite fruits for people around the world. Bananas have two main kinds: yellow and green banana. Green banana is the raw banana which is not delicious like the yellow one. One of the reasons the banana is picked raw is for exportation but this kind of banana has it is being used when it is still green.

India is the country which is known for the production of green banana. Wide breadth of India has been caused to have different kinds of green banana with different prices. Due to the kind of banana and the state of it, Indian green banana prices are variable for the customers. For sure bananas with high quality have more prices than the others.

Indian green banana prices

Per capita banana consumption in the middle east

Banana is one the favorite fruits for people specially in middle east countries. The climate conditions in the middle east countries is good for cultivating banana and some countries in this area are producers and exporters and some others are importers of this fruit.

People in middle east countries have high consumption of banana and a few years ago the banana consumption in the middle east was estimated about 3 kilograms per capita and this statistic shows how much of popularity this fruit has between the people which live in the middle east countries. Among these countries Iran’s banana consumption was about two times more than the consumption of whole world.

Indian green banana prices

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The benefits of green banana

Some people think that green banana is a tasteless, unripe, and useless fruit but it is as healthful as yellow bananas. Green banana can be used by all ages and includes vitamins which are good for the body. Despite the bitter taste of it, there are seven properties of green banana:

  • it is good for improving the heart rate
  • useful for the problems related to stomach
  • good for intestine problems of the body
  • improve the defensive power of the body
  • adjust the blood pressure
  • decrease the cholesterol of the blood
  • also can prevent from being fat.

These are the properties that show green banana is so healthful for the body.

Indian green banana prices

Banana production in India

Banana cultivated in many states of India. The most production of India is in the middle, south, and the eastern part of India. Tamil nadu state with the most production is the most productive state of India. There are so many gardens of bananas with many manufacturers and this is the reason of high production of banana in this country.

In these gardens bananas picked usually when they are still green and raw. Both raw banana which is green and yellow one bought and used but picking them when they are raw is for exporting and preventing from being rot.

Indian green banana prices

Banana exports from India to the middle east

As India is one of the big producers of banana, many countries specially middle east countries are the customers of Indian banana. Qatar, Saudi Arab, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait the top countries which Indian bananas exported. India produces banana in huge amounts but the percentage of the exportation is about 1 percent in between other exporters in the world.

Every month Iran 2500 containers of banana are exported to Iran but only 40 containers of it is from India. With the huge production India has more capability of exportation and can increase the amount.

Indian green banana prices

Indian green banana prices

Different gardens, different manufacturers, and different climate conditions causes to have green bananas in different qualities. The quality of any product affects the price of that product so this comes true for the Indian green banana, too. Prices found in the online markets which sell and export bananas to other countries.

For example, green banana price is 6.5 rupees per carton. Another manufacturer sells green banana for 27 rupees per dozen and raw green banana sold 50 rupees per kilogram in another one. You can also find raw banana with 20 rupees per kilogram but the quality may not be the same. If the customers want high quality fruit, they should pay more.

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