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Export red pomegranate of Iran

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Red pomegranate production in IranThe benefits of pomegranate treatmentPomegranate packing in cartonThe price per ton pomegranateExport red pomegranate
Export red pomegranate

Red pomegranate is one the top ten best fruits in the world and in the list of fruits with the best quality and the countries which export red pomegranate, this fruit is a good point for them. This fruit usually is red or somehow black or a color between these black and red. Pomegranate seeds might be usually red and sometime the color of them might be white in the fruit.

Red pomegranate is an indigenous fruit from Iran to Himalia mountains in the north of India. Countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey are the cultivators of this fruit that also export red pomegranate too. Pomegranate can usually cultivated in any conditional weather but much water can make the fruit to cracked. This fruit can tolerate the hot weather and the cold weather up to -10 centigrade.

Export red pomegranate

Red pomegranate production in Iran

As mentioned, red pomegranate is the indigenous fruit of Iran and these days Iran is the most productive country of pomegranate in the whole world. Iran is the first in the ranking of the most production and India is the second country.

Respectively the cities Saveh, Ferdos, and Neyriz in Iran and the world are the most productive cities of pomegranate which have the main role of the exporting red pomegranate. As this fruit can raised in any climate conditions every city of Iran except just one is a cultivator of this fruit. Per capita consumption of pomegranate between Iranians also estimated about 950 grams.

Export red pomegranate

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The benefits of pomegranate treatment

Red pomegranate with a great taste which has so many customers by the exports of the red pomegranate from cultivator countries.

This fruit has a good taste and also has some healthful properties for the human body. Also pomegranate has the same anti-oxidants as the green tea and is full of vitamin C and potassium.

Pomegranate fruit has some properties like decreasing the danger of having heart illnesses. It has even the ability to decrease the cholesterol of the blood. Another property is helping for the health of the gums. It is also good for the cells of the body. These are some good points of this fruit that makes people in any ages and in every country to use it.

Export red pomegranate

Pomegranate packing in carton

There are so many gardens for cultivating pomegranate in Iran. Due to the fact that this fruit can raised in many climate conditions. This issue has caused to have many manufacturers which sell pomegranate to people. And even export red pomegranate to other countries.

These manufacturers sometimes sell this fruit by themselves. But for sending them for the markets and fruit stores they need to pack them in cartons. And get them ready for sending. After picking them when they are ready and ripe the manufacturers put them in cartons. Which has the label of that manufacturer and after that they are ready for selling in markets.

Export red pomegranate

The price per ton pomegranate

The issue that customers may face is finding the best price for pomegranate. For typical customers which may buy a few kilograms per week. The markets and fruit stores are the best place for figuring out the prices. These days for the people with use technology a lot online shops which sell fresh fruits. Also are the first destination to check out the prices.

But for the market owners and the owners of fruit stores which buy pomegranate in huge amounts for selling in shops. They should visit the manufacturers themselves and ask for the price. The countries which Iran exports red pomegranate to them buy this fruit in tons.

Export red pomegranate

Export red pomegranate

The huge production of red pomegranate in Iran has made this country to be one of the top exporters which exports red pomegranate to other countries. The statistics say that the amount of exportation of Iranian red pomegranate is about more than 6000 tons per year. About 20 countries are the customers of pomegranate like Germany, England, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherland, and Korean Republic.

Among these countries the biggest buyer of red pomegranate from Iran is Korean republic. Iran has the best quality and price for exporting red pomegranate to the other countries and this factor has caused to have so many customers from other countries and become successful in exportation.

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