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Export fresh green banana from India

According to Tasnim broadcast, in 1394 India exported a banana container to Iran and acclaimed that this is the first fruit cargo that India sent to a foreign country. Export fresh green banana from India done in high technological methods and needed standards are performing for farmers and merchants.

Banana cultivated since 4000 years ago in India. In 1482 Europeans found this fruit in Guinea and transported to Europe and America and now banana cultivated in many places of world. Banana always produced and used in India itself, they usually cook the banana and eat with rice and bean. Nowadays export fresh green banana from India is going on.

Export fresh green banana

Banana production in India

According to FAO (food and agriculture organization) reports, India produces 29124000-ton banana in a year and has the first score in world. In India many kinds of banana cultivated and well-known. The type that is more delicious has tiny size and is equal a finger; it is yellow and has black dots. The other type is big and exported to Iran.

The big Indian banana also has green color, that seems to be raw, but it matured and delicious. Also there a red colored banana in India that used for food cooking. Export fresh green banana is the raw banana that after a time changes to yellow and many people know that in this color and taste.

Export fresh green banana

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Picking green banana and packing in carton

Totally in comestible view there are two kinds of bananas: Plantain that after cooking is eatable and Banana that needs to matured. The second type is green and export fresh green banana is routine because after packing and sending to target market becomes matured and suitable for eating.

But before packing it needs to stay in maturing room. The temperature and arrange of fruit is important to be near or far from each other. In the next stage bananas are packing in carton boxes. The during time for voyage transportation is 10-15 days and this project must be done in proper temperature.

Export fresh green banana

Banana buyers in the world

Europe confederacy is the chief banana buyer. The other main buyer of banana in the world is America, because people of these countries are all in favor of this fruit. Because of some political and capitalism systems America government never allowed to decrease the request and import of banana.

Also export fresh green banana is performance to many places of world like European countries and southern Africa. Although In Asia banana has many buyers like china, Pakistan and Iran. Despite Iran produces this fruit in south states but in recent years imports high amounts of banana.

Export fresh green banana

Export fresh green banana

Indian green fresh banana in wholesale packing and retail packing in carton boxes in 20200 kg weight, with 18 gr pure Wight and 19gr total weight of carton, every week produced and delivered. It is packing in container. The least accepted order is 2000 deliveries and is done through two weeks after ordering. Delivery for fore-sale is done in 18 days.

This crop can remain for 20 days in 14 degrees centigrade. Export fresh green banana from India is increasing so that import of this plant to Iran in 1396 was 40% more than last years –both in view point of weight aspect and also price aspect.

Export fresh green banana

Indian banana prices on the market

Ironically the price of banana in allover of world is low. In USA, the country that uses 3-million-ton banana in a year and doesn’t produce any, banana is very cheap. Usually it is less than 89 cents for per pound. In some supermarkets every banana is 19 cents. The prime reasons are simple conditions of growth, low costs of freight, and user’s earnest. But the other reason is historic.

Banana is consequence of 150 years’ action behalf governments, corporations, and armies for saving an abundant crop that had increasing applicant. High demand for banana made it beneficial for capitalism. Banana reproduced for millions times and Export fresh green banana in all over of world made it cheaper. In fact, these measures and ventures were not good and structure of banana cultivation was open to disease.

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