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Best Iranian fresh pomegranates

Pomegranate is one of the best garden fruits that moreover than comestible aspects and nourishment profits, has importance in medical and therapeutic viewpoint too. Produce of Iranian fresh pomegranates also has deep-seated precedency. Best Iranian fresh pomegranates are producing in many areas of Iran.

This delicious fruit cures sclerosis of vessel, Edema, cancer and has an effective role in dilatory of age reactions. Iranian fresh pomegranates have various varieties. Iran cultivates this fruit on 85000 hectares and with 880000-ton crop through every year has the first score in world. Quality of fruit and packing are high and favorite.

Iranian fresh pomegranates

Pomegranate production in Iran

About 500 variety of pomegranate are producing in Iran. The most important varieties are: ” malas Saveh”, ”robab Neyriz”, “shishe kap Ferdos”, ”naderi Badrood”, ”malas Yazdi”, ”ghochag Ghom”, ”Ardestani valat”, ”brijestani Gonabad’‘, dane siyah Shahreza” and ”Khazar bard skan”. Some of these varieties are the best and recorded in collection of Yazd state research center. Iranian fresh pomegranates production in world is more than all other countries and has the highest quality. Iranian gardens equipped to irrigation systems and pesticide using practices.

Iranian fresh pomegranates

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A variety of pomegranate flavors

Pomegranate is from berries family. Red bright seeds of this fruit and the dark red colored juice of that, are proper sauce for salad, soup, desert, fruit juices and even cooked meat. Seeds of pomegranate are bitter and sweat and have various kinds: bitter molasses, Alak, Shahoor, black pomegranate and Arjestani are the well-known flavors.

The best kind of them is Saveh bitter molasses that has 3 species: Yousef khani, Tabrizi and mohammadaali khani. Iranian fresh pomegranates flavor is suitable to parch with onion and garlic and then full in chicken and fish meal.

Iranian fresh pomegranates

Best Iranian fresh pomegranate

The routine time to harvest Iranian fresh pomegranates is late days of Mordad (August), but the best time to have a molasses and sweat pomegranate is middle of Aban (November), In this period of time the color of seeds changes from red to sapphirine and this is the best color and shape of fruit.

It is marvelous that tree of pomegranate blossoms tree times through a year. Fruits that grow from first blossom are more desirable and larger and are more than 500 gr, because the first boom stays on tree for a longer time. Iran produces the best fresh pomegranate in world.

Iranian fresh pomegranates

Pomegranate export from Iran

Iranian fresh pomegranates exported in these properties: molasses pomegranates when are 250-350 gr, in 3.5 kg carton packages. Black seed pomegranates when are 350-450 gr, in 5 kg carton packages.

Sweat pomegranates when they are 450-600 gr, 5 kg plastic baskets and 10 kg plastic baskets. Iranian pomegranate exported to Germany, England, A.U.E, Iraq, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Korea, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, and Malesia. In 1395 Iran exported more than 100000-ton Iranian pomegranate, these exports are going on and soon will amount to 130000 tons.

Iranian fresh pomegranates

Iranian pomegranate price in the world market

According to ISNA reports in 1395; despite price of per kilogram pomegranate in Tehran markets statutory central bank  sold 7924 toman, but exported instances of this crop were sold 3 times cheaper and were sent for 2654 toman to several countries. According to customhouse reports in first 9 months of 1396 export of Iranian fresh pomegranates was 6271 tons.

This amount of article was sold to 4631953 Dollars, that is equal to 148 milliard toman. Paying to this prices shows that although Iranian pomegranate has high quality and packing and keeping condition and even highest sale in world but its price is not acceptable and selling this fruit to more expensive price in country is not fair and this problem needs to attended.

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