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Exports of red and green grapes from Iran

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Iranian grape popular in neighboring countriesThe benefits of grapesRed and green grapes productionGrape Exports from IranPrice per ton of Iranian grapes
red and green grapes

Iran is the eighth largest producer of grapes in the world with top grade productions every year. Most of red and green grapes are used for fresh consumption as fruit. As a result, the vast majority of them are from the cultivars which are perfect and high quality for exporting fresh grapes.

Iranian red and green grapes have so many international demanders with great satisfaction all over the world. All types of Iranian grapes are so healthy due to organic harvesting and farming system. No chemical substances are used in their farming process which is so harmful for our body indeed. If you want to care about your financial health take our words for this valuable fruit.

red and green grapes

Iranian grape popular in neighboring countries

The fresh Iranian grapes are really popular in the foreign markets for fresh consumption. All these grapes have their own characteristics and customers. Many big Middle Eastern countries purchase these high quality grapes every year due to their great taste and nutrients.

A large part of the red and green grapes shipments is also sent to Russia with great success. The biggest Middle Eastern customers of the Iranian seedless grapes are Iraq and the United Arab Emirates; their demands are increasingly extensive for exporting fresh grapes With great satisfaction.

red and green grapes

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The benefits of grapes

As a matter of fact, grapes in different colors are great sources of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for human body. They are a great source of the best vitamin C and antioxidants that help the body’s immune system against diseases and make your face shiny and bright.

Also, red and green grapes are a rich source of powerful anti-oxidants which can help regulate our blood pressure, prevent heart diseases and cure your skin even in old ages. Care your health as you enjoy their sweet taste indeed. You won’t regret for your best purchase.

red and green grapes

Red and green grapes production

There are more than 600 official cultivars of Iranian grapes which are produced in great conditions and under high supervisions, different climate and soil. The best high quality grapes in Iran are produced in areas with warm and dry climates.

Some of the most famous Iranian grape cultivars are Asgari, Rish Baba, and Shahroud, black seedless and table grapes which also come in different colors (green, black, red). Fortunately, red and green grapes produced in Iran are also extremely healthy, full of nutrients and without any harmful chemical substances. So take our words for them.

red and green grapes

Grape Exports from Iran

Iran is the eighth biggest supplier of high quality grapes in the world. Red and green grapes are also a big part of Iranian agricultural exports and economy policy with extensive competition and high demands. Iranian grapes price has found their way into many international fruit markets around the world.

They are very popular because of the organic harvesting and high quality farming techniques. So they exported to the Middle East and European countries with high satisfaction. Green and red grapes are one of the most popular colors on the international exporting fresh grapes markets. Sharp minds, sharp products.

red and green grapes

Price per ton of Iranian grapes

Generally, red and green grapes price per ton in exporting markets are very different based on the grape size, taste, and the importing country, distance and season productions indeed. In fact, Iranian grapes are for fresh consumption as a result they have higher demand which is so financial. These grapes are large in size and have a sweet flesh which makes them perfect for raw consumption as a sweet juicy fruit for your celebrations and kids snack.

Furthermore, fresh Iranian grapes price per ton depends on the importing country and the transportation costs. The farther the importing country, the higher the transportation costs and the final market prices will be. Take our words and buy these affordable grapes.

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