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Sell fruit export pomegranate fresh

Pomegranate has become a common fruit in the markets around the world. These days there are so many countries which their business in to export fresh pomegranate and they sell fresh pomegranate fruit to other countries. But in the past pomegranate was not so popular like these days.

Pomegranate is originally the fruit of Iran and north India. The cultivation time for this fruit is in autumn and winter. At first this fruit introduced to American people by Spanish people who migrated to the areas that the cultivation of pomegranate was available. Nowadays this fruit can be found even in the European markets and shops thanks to the countries that export fresh pomegranate.

Export pomegranate fresh

Best pomegranate production in Iran

Since long time ago Iran is one of the productive countries of pomegranate. The high production of pomegranate in Iran the result of having a good weather for cultivating this fruit. There are so many manufacturers of pomegranate in Iran but some cities are popular for this fruit.

Statistics show that Iran is one of the largest producers among other producers. Even there is a festival in Iran about the pomegranate which in this festival the manufacturers sell their fruits or other products of pomegranate like juices. Pomegranate is an important fruit which used in a traditional event which people hold it every year at the last night of autumn.

Export pomegranate fresh

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Iranian pomegranate popularity in neighboring countries

Pomegranate fruit is originally from Iran and this has caused to a great popularity of Iranian pomegranate among other countries. In the past, the exportation of fruits was not available because the speed of sending and receiving was so slow and it would take so much time.

But after the machines and ships invented, exportation become possible for every product. Long time ago Iranian pomegranate was not so popular between the people of other countries. But since Iran exports fresh pomegranate to other countries specially neighbor countries such as Oman and Iraq. Which that Iranian pomegranate is popular among people.

Export pomegranate fresh

International fruit sale Vitarad

As you know each country has some countries which their business is selling and exporting products like exporting fresh pomegranate to other countries. One of these companies in Iran called Vitarad. Vitarad is also a producer of products specially fruits, juices, drinks and vegetables.

This company’s business is worldwide and they sell their products to markets of countries like Russia, the UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan and India. They are even trying to step in the European markets as well as other countries. This company produces high quality products with a good price for customers.

Export pomegranate fresh

Export pomegranate fresh from Iran

As mentioned before, Iran is one the largest producers. This huge amount of production has caused to be one of the main exporters of fresh pomegranate too. Iranian fresh pomegranate is popular in the world specially in neighbor countries and have so many customers.

For the satisfaction of the customers, fresh Iranian pomegranate is available to buy in markets around the world. The buyer countries can call companies which produce and export fruits like Vitarad company. Or they can visit other manufacturers inside the country and have a deal with them for exportation.

Export pomegranate fresh

The price of fresh Iranian pomegranate

Every product has a price to buy and the prices put on the products based on the quality of them. The quality of a fruit includes factors like the taste, the color and being fresh and ripe. Customers can find out prices in markets and shops. For technology users which buy their stuff online, online markets or stores which sell fruits is a good place to know the price of fresh Iranian pomegranate.

Importer companies and foreign customers from other countries can also see prices and order from the online markets. But they have another choice for figuring out the price. they can visit the manufacturers or the exporter companies in Iran and ask for the price of Iranian fresh pomegranate.

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