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Ecuador’s green banana exports to the Middle East

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Buyer Ecuador's green banana in Middle EastEcuador's green banana exports
Ecuador's green banana exports

In fact, bananas the most heavily traded fruit in the world, with the annual production of 150 million tons in over 100 countries all over the world. They are also a large part of the Ecuador’s green banana exports due to their high nutrients.

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Ecuador’s green banana exports contain many important nutrients. Bananas contain nutrients that moderate blood sugar levels. Bananas may improve digestive health. Also bananas may aid weight loss. Bananas may support heart health. As result, bananas contain powerful antioxidants.

Ecuador's green banana exports

Buyer Ecuador’s green banana in Middle East

in fact, raw fruit of this plant is green. Which after maturation it becomes yellow, sweet and delicious to eat. Ecuador’s banana imports in the Middle East are done when it is green and easily portable because after maturation it relents and becomes squashy.

This function decreases the quality. So ecuador’s green banana exports done by equipped units in the prepared farms under high supervised methods. As result, buyers of Ecuador’s green banana in the Middle East are so satisfied.

Ecuador's green banana exports

Ecuador’s green banana exports

Ecuador is also seen as one of the strongest suppliers of this super fruit worldwide because of low production cost and quality. Ecuador’s green banana exports with purchase price in this country continue to see tremendous growth and popularity.

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Ecuador’s green banana exports are very competitive and they are the one of the biggest exporters in the world. However, exporting Ecuador’s bananas to the Middle East with top grade quality is so affordable for all social groups. Banana purchase price has increased its demands through the world markets with great satisfaction compared with other tropical fruits.

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