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Purchase price of grape from Iran

Iran is the 10th producer of grape in world and produces 3.3 % of total grape in world. Purchase Iranian grape will be a delightful experience for you and will enjoy when eating this delicious fruit. Purchase price of grape depended on quality of fruit and it will satisfy you.

What are the various species of grape in Iran?

Iranian grape has different species that vary of some characteristics like color, shape, size of grain, size of bunch and amount of sugar in grape. And also they are different in own or lack of seed.

Purchase price of grape

Best Iranian grapes

These are the best Iranian grapes: “Asgary” has linear and white grains and because of soft hull it is suitable for fresh eating and not storage. ”Dizmary” grape is precocious and has middle and oval grains and yellowish green color. ”Rishbaba” grape appears in two colors white and red. It matures late in growth season and since has thick hull it can stay in store through winter. Purchase price of grape is 5000-15000 toman.

Purchase price of grape

Purchase price of grapes

Often grape used as a fresh fruit and surplus of that used in productivity industry. A part of this crop changes to fruit juice, a part is dried and in some countries a main part of that belongs to wine. Purchase price of grape in every of these ways is different.

Which functions affect the purchase price of grape?

Purchase price of grape in vineyard differs from price of that in market and even in store. Whole sale of grape crop at first depended to quality of harvest, then transfer costs added, middlemen change the charges, after that every seller person adds job percentage and at last you as an individual last buyer pay for it.

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