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Factory supply natural pomegranate

Nowadays, every one knows what pomegranate and at least as tried it once in his life time. As pomegranate can cultivated in any climate, there are many Factory supply natural pomegranate so this delicious fruit can be found in every place of the world.

People are able to cultivate this fruit in any place they want but in some countries, pomegranate has a better quality.

According to the fact that people prefer better products. So just some countries have become popular for cultivating and producing pomegranate and the exportation. Which export of this fruit to the customer countries in the world.

Factory supply natural pomegranate

Factory supply natural pomegranate in Iran

Iranian pomegranate has sweat hearted between other countries since long time ago. Pomegranate is originally from Iran and first time this fruit cultivated in this area. There are many pomegranate gardens in Iran. Also Factory supply natural pomegranate in Iran.

As result, has a great role in making Iran one of the best cultivators of pomegranate. According to statistics, Iran has the most production of pomegranate.

Factory supply natural pomegranate

Export natural pomegranate

The result of having many Factory supply natural pomegranate being. So one the countries which has the most exportation of pomegranate through world. In fact, statistics show that Iran is the first exporter of pomegranate.

Some specific countries are customers of Iranian natural pomegranate which are different parts of world.

Factory supply natural pomegranates exported to about 20 countries. That important ones are countries like Germany, UAE, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Netherlands and Korean Republic. The main customer of Iranian natural pomegranate among other countries is Korean Republic. In fact, with the most amount of importing among other importers.

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