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apple fruit suppliers in Kenya | Fresh Fruits wholesalers & Suppliers

Eating fruits Daily, in addition to being very effective in your fitness and physical health, can also be effective for the health and beauty of your skin and hair. 

 Fruits are a group of foods that contain various vitamins and antioxidants, and many properties of this food are mentioned in the Quran or by the scientists, which can be considered as the most important anti-cancer. 

 Eat fruits when your stomach is empty or Before eating a meal. You have heard many times complain that many people complain that whenever I eat watermelon, the food rises, or whenever I eat the fruit of a Sudanese coffee tree, I feel stomach, when I eat bananas, it feels like having to go to the bathroom immediately. I have. In fact, all this will not happen if you eat the fruit when your stomach is empty. Fruits are compounded with corrosive food and produce gas, and as a result, you grow up. White hair, baldness, anger and black droop under the eye will not all happen if you eat fruit While your stomach is empty. 

However, eating fresh fruit is better than drinking juice if you should drink juice, so Drink it slowly. Why should you let the juice be completely mixed with your saliva before you swallow it? 

High fruit production, especially apples, tomatoes, watermelons, pomegranates, citrus fruits, figs, etc., has created the necessity for exporting these products. 

Given the rising exchange rate and rising revenues from foreign exchange sales by exporters, fruit exports are highly justifiable. Exporting fruits such as apples and oranges can bring great benefits to manufacturers. Iran is one digit in the production of 22 items of agricultural products, But the export status of fruits, especially apples, is not satisfactory and should be given special attention. Apple fruit suppliers in Kenya interact with Iran in the fruit trade. 

apple fruit suppliers in Kenya | Fresh Fruits wholesalers & Suppliers

growing apple in Kenya

growing apple in KenyaApple is considered to be the fruit of cold temperate regions and it can withstand temperatures from 35 degrees to 40 degrees below zero. The need for apple buds is about 1,000 to 1,600 hours below 7 ° C, so it can not be done in areas with warm winters. In areas where Apple is common, in the last two months of fruit growth, cool nights are appropriate for this tree; otherwise, the fruits will not have good taste and color and texture. 

The minimum temperature of the region is 25-20 ° C below zero and the maximum temperature of the region is 38 ° C above zero for apple growth. Kenya is the best country in the world to produce apples. Each year, apple fruit suppliers Kenya export a large volume of their products to other countries. In addition to apples, deluxe fruit kenya includes fruits like mangoes and avocados. 

The most commonly grown varieties of apples in Kenya

The most commonly grown varieties of apples in KenyaAs you know,Apples have different types . Usually apple grows in yellow, green, and red colors. Each of these apples requires proper weather conditions. Kenya’s cool weather is very suitable for breeding red apples. 

Kenya is trading with all the countries of the world. And the most traded product is fruit. fresh fruit export and fresh fruit import is beneficial for both countries. Fruit trade helps Kenya’s economy, and the Importer country also eliminates its needs. 

best apple farms in Kenya

best apple farms in KenyaToday, if you ask this question from anyone, it will surely answer you that the best apple farm in Kenya is a farm that uses less fertilizer and its apples are organic. 

What is the nutritional value of apple? 

  1. Calories: 95 
  2. Carbohydrate: 25 g  
  3. Fiber: 4 grams 
  4. Vitamin C: 14% recommended daily intake 
  5. Potassium: 6% recommended daily intake 
  6. Vitamin K: 5% recommended daily intake 
  7. Manganese, copper and vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6: Less than 4% of recommended daily intake 

The apple is also a rich source of polyphenol. These compounds are responsible for many of the properties of apples for health, while nutritional labels do not mention them. 

To get the most out of apples, eat it with a crust. The apple crust contains half the fiber content and many polyphenols. 

Summary: Apples are a good source of fiber and vitamin C. They also contain polyphenols, which can have many health benefits. 

But what are the conditions for apple planting? 

It is necessary to choose the best type of apples according to the conditions of each region Considered such factors as Climate conditions, garden place, Suitable location for garden and  Soil characteristics.

  • Climate conditions: There are several ways to prevent late spring frost, some of which are: creating smoke to reduce radiation, heating the garden by garden heater, using wind generators, creating a windshield around the garden, splashing Water on trees, the use of chemical compounds such as NAA, which causes a 1-2 week delay in flowering. 
  • Suitable garden location: creating a fruit garden next to forests, rivers, ponds and beaches that have humid air and high dew point as well as northern slopes that are heated later in the spring and cause a delay in waking buds Gets. 
  • Soil characteristics of the area: Generally, the root of apple compared to other types of cold fruit trees shows a greater resistance to moist conditions and a little soil moisture. However, the degree of resistance in different varieties and species is different, and it should not be assumed that the resistance of apple to This condition was overlooked by the unpredictability of the soil. 

fresh fruit selling business in Kenya

fresh fruit selling business in KenyaAll countries have special conditions for trading. Each country has a special product that sells it to other countries. Rugs and pistachios and Iranian oil, for example, are exported to other countries, or Brazilian coffee, tea and rice from India are sold to other countries. 

In Kenya, it is the perfect weather to plant fruit. Types of fruits, especially apple, are planted and exported to all over the world. fruit selling business kenya is the main source of income in Kenya. fresh fruit suppliers In Kenya export their products at reasonable prices to countries such as Iran and Russia, Turkey, India and the United States. fresh fruit price kenya, especially apple, is cheaper than planting costs in countries where climate conditions are not Suitable. 

best apple fruit suppliers in Kenya

best apple fruit suppliers in Kenya Because of the great benefit of fruit trade, especially apples,Many people are interested in the production and Planting of this fruit, but what is the best apple fruit suppliers in Kenya?Surely farmers are the best apple suppliers. They are also the best fruit wholesale.apple fruit wholesalers kenya sell their fruits in bulk to retailers.apple fruit wholesale price is cheaper than the price that retailers sell to their customers.  

But what is the reason for Apple’s successful exports? What are the benefits of apples? 

  • One of the properties of apples is to regulate blood pressure. Applying apples and even smelling apple helps reduce blood pressure. A study conducted by the University (YALE) showed that only one smelling of apples lowers blood pressure. 
  • Apples are also useful for the mouth and gums, acids in the apple,When you eat apple, it cleans your mouth and gum. To chew an apple is to use a natural toothbrush. Studies have shown that apples can remove remaining food particles behind teeth and gums, and eliminate teeth and gum disease. Even those who have suffered from gum disease in the past will be able to benefit from vitamin C benefits from the richness of apples. Useful materials of apples help strengthen the structure of the teeth. 
  • One of the other properties of apples is that apple chewing strengthens the jaw muscles.
  • Apple is a brain booster. That’s why it’s useful for people doing brain teasers. In general, apple is enhanced by the presence of phosphorus, nerves and brain. 
  • Apple is useful for stomach weakness and sexual enhancement. 
  • Apples with pomegranate are used to strengthen the stomach and treat diarrhea. 

major apple fruit wholesales in Kenya

major apple fruit wholesales in Kenya The largest fruit wholesalers in Kenya are farmers who export their largest product to neighboring countries. apple wholesale kenya contribute a lot to the success of the country’s economy. This job has the highest income in that country. We all know that Kenya is a country located in East Africa. Kenya has a moderate climate. In coastal areas, the weather is warm and humid, and in the northern and northeast regions it is very dry and warm. The long rainy season is from April to July. The short rainy season is from October to December. Rain falls sometimes in the afternoon and in the evening. The coldest period is from February to March and the hottest period is from July to August. The same climate conditions have caused many fruits to grow in the area.  

fresh fruit exporters in Kenya

fresh fruit exporters in Kenya  Kenya is one of the countries that exports fresh fruits to other countries in addition to dried fruits. Usually because of the difficult storage conditions of the fruit, it is difficult to trade this product because it quickly decays and deteriorates. Kenya country is successful in this regard and exports fruits produced to all countries. 

But only fresh fruits are not exported in Kenya. Dry fruits are also exported, and This type of product also has many customers.

Whether fresh or dried, it is good for you, and it has benefits. In normal condition, dried fruit can be a good snack for the loss of hunger and can be kept for a long time and can therefore be a good alternative to fresh fruit outside of the season. 

Fresh fruit or dried? 

Despite the benefits of dry fruits, experts believe that the most important thing to distinguish dried fruit from fresh fruits is the evaporation of water, which contains significant amounts of nutrients. 

Of course, dried fruits are beneficial for use in certain conditions, such as seasonal variations or use in exercises such as climbers that can not carry a lot of weight. Doctors recommend that you eat at least 200 g of dried fruit at least once a day. Due to the increased amount of calories in dried fruits, it is not advisable to consume too much if you follow a slimming diet. 

Physicians note that dried fruits should be consumed fresh with fresh fruits and can not be replaced by fresh fruits. So, for a healthy and strong body, always eat plenty of fresh and dried fruit. Fruits are the only food group that has all the nutritional value and is rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, which should be used to keep them healthy and safe from any illness. 

apple fruit wholesale price in Kenya

apple fruit wholesale price in Kenya The apple fruit wholesale price in Kenya depends on several criteria:

  • Buy apples from the retailers or wholesalers or farmers 
  • How much of this fruit to buy 
  • Buy apples in bulk or packaged  
  • Dried apple or fresh 
  • The apple is yellow or green or red 

But usually because of the fact that Kenya is the main producer of apples in the world, the price of this product is also cheaper.Red apples are usually more expensive than other apples. The red apple is priced at around $ 1 per kilogram. 

apple fruit export price

apple fruit export price The apple fruit export price is cheaper because the product is exported at a high volume and should also benefit the importer. That’s why its price is cheaper than buying apples in Partial purchase. 

Iran and Russia and Turkey, and Qatar and Kuwait are importers of fresh fruits of Kenya.In addition to apples, Iran also imports products such as avocados, mangoes and coffee. Because it does not have the conditions for planting these fruits.In recent years, Iran has been attempting to reduce its imports and provide farmers with the conditions to bring the country to self-sufficiency. 

apple fruit price range in global market

apple fruit price range in global market Not only apples but all products in each region have a different price. Apple has a variable price in global markets, and prices change Daily.The fruit is usually cheaper in the season of planting and harvesting fruit.The last price per kilogram of High quality red apples in the world market was about $ 1. 

If your health is important, include apples in your diet.You can easily dry apples at home. Do not use ready dry fruits because it adds sugar in the process of drying, which is harmful to the body. 

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