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buy cucumber | Cheapest & Famous Stores in the Tehran

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How do you buy a good cucumber?What is the best way to keep cucumbers fresh?Where to Find Discounted Cucumber?Why Cucumber Exports & Imports are Profitable?

Cucumber is the fruit of all seasons. The price of this fruit is announced by the Union of Fruit Vendors in kilos. Cucumbers are divided into two groups. The first isthe group of cucumbers that grow only inside the greenhouse  and are known as premature cucumbers. The second group is cucumbers grown in open field. To buy cucumber, first, you should decide which kind of cucumber you perefer. These days, greenhouse cucumbers are more commonly purchased than farm cucumbers because of their beautiful and elongated appearance.the cheapest and famous stores in Tehran sell both kinds of cucumbers. 

buy cucumber | Cheapest & Famous Stores in the Tehran

How do you buy a good cucumber?

How do you buy a good cucumber?Greenhouse cucumbers are grown almost in the fall and winter and are available until the end of Ordibehsht, after which the field cucumbers enter the market and there is usually no greenhouse cucumbers in the summer. How do you buy a good cucumber? is a question for those who want to buy it foer special ceremonies. The cucumber should be delicate and elongated, with a clear skin, but relatively thin. When shopping, try to check the cucumber stem attachment, which indicates that the product is outdated if yellow. It is also recommended to choose a field cucumber that has a better flavor. They can be stored longer. These cucumbers have dark green skin, but they do not look like parallel cucumbers on their tree lines.

What is the best way to keep cucumbers fresh?

What is the best way to keep cucumbers fresh?What is the best way to keep cucumbers fresh? Cucumbers as a fruit and as a mainstay of salads are a part of most families’ snacks. Unfortunately, cucumbers should be consumed quickly as they are buyed and washed. Otherwise, their skin will be wrinkled and sour and you have to throw them away. The first point in the cucumber preservation method is choosing the right place for them. Cucumbers should be stored in the kitchen rather than in the refrigerator. This way, you don’t need to wash the cucumber until it’s consumed. Washing the cucumber because of the moisture which it reaches speeds up the process of deterioration. It is best to way to buy the amount of cucumber you need for three days. The method of storing cucumber in a basket in the kitchen environment is considered as one of the conventional methods.The longer the space is closed on the cucumber without air and moisture, the longer the cucumber stays fresh.

Where to Find Discounted Cucumber?

Where to Find Discounted Cucumber? Where to find discounted cucumber?

The climate of many cities in the country is suitable for planting and growing cucumber. After harvesting, they are shipped to other cities for sale.One of the best ways to buy and sell cucumbers at a reasonable price is at the moment of harvesting. You can buy and consume many other products when they  harvesting, too. Cucumber price per kg is reasonable at the time of harvesting. The price of cucumbers in cities and in the market depends on the quality of cucumber seeds and the final products produced. If the cucumbers have high quality, naturally, their price will be high, but otherwise it will be the opposite. Cucumber price today is announced bu the Union of the fruit sellers.

Why Cucumber Exports & Imports are Profitable?

Why Cucumber Exports & Imports are Profitable?Iran is currently one of the major exporters of vegetable and fruits like to Russia, with major items being cucumbers, watermelons, peppers, cauliflower and kiwi, which are distributed in distribution centers as well as in large chain stores with the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the producing country. Export of cucumbers to Russia is done with special export packaging. There are two kinds of cucumbers exported to Russia: export of thorny cucumbers and export of simple cucumbers.Exporters must have sufficient experience in exporting this type of product or exporting it through specialized companies in the field.

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