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Cheapest kiwi price in Iran

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Sorting and Grading in Kiwinternational Kiwi Export MarketingPrice of Astara kiwi in IranPrice of Astara kiwi in Iran Kiwi harvesting and warehousing and export priceKiwis are originally from ChinaKiwis are originally from ChinaKiwi production in IranKiwi production in IranIranian kiwi export productIranian kiwi export productExport packing for kiwisExport packing for kiwisCheapest kiwi price in IranCheapest kiwi price in IranIranian kiwi prices
cheapest kiwi price in iran

Kiwi is a herbivorous plant that is a major product of China. The egg is large egg-shaped, has a brown villous covering and a fleshy green with black seeds inside its skin. The cheapest kiwi price in Iran is good quality mojo and good kiwi requires 225 to 240 days growth period.

Sorting and Grading in Kiwi

A kiwi that is considered for export is a first class kiwi, especially the northern kiwi like Talesh. The cheapest kiwi price in Iran is a bit high because of its high quality and not expensive. Kiwi grading has a big impact on its price.
The first-class kiwi is really the ripe and appropriate kiwi. How this kiwi is diagnosed is that when we reach a high quality kiwi between two fingers, it should not be crushed with a little touch and pressure and should almost have a firm skin. Have down and air flow.
[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Astara’s production rate is 3 tonnes of kiwi per hectare and 2 horticulturalists are working on this product and have been able to generate a large number of applicants for the Astara export kiwi in the region.[/box]

Sorting and Grading in Kiwi

nternational Kiwi Export Marketing

Kiwi export marketing is focused on a target community of small retailers and chain stores in developed and developing countries around the world. Many manufacturing companies around the world have focused their marketing strategy on digital marketing. Every year, online sales show a 15 percent growth over traditional sales. This shows that many business owners are thinking about using digital marketing capabilities. You can also find the cheapest kiwi price in Iran and the highest quality of it with the use of Witarad services from both traditional and digital marketing for marketing and selling your product.
[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Price of exported kiwi products is evaluated according to brand, location, quality of packaging and global rate, exchange rate and its organicity. Iran is the fourth largest kiwi producer in the world with an annual output of 294,000 tons.[/box]

nternational Kiwi Export Marketing

Price of Astara kiwi in Iran

In addition to meeting the needs of the local market, gardeners in the region annually export about 5,000 tons of kiwi to the Whartar Company, which exports agricultural products and all those who work independently and outside the company or organization in the export market for fruit and vegetables. , Put. The encouragement of the Astara export kiwi was so encouraging that many of the rice farmers in the area converted their kiwi fields to produce the kiwi garden. The cheapest kiwi price in Iran varies due to various factors, such as the time of harvesting and harvesting of the weather.
[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]As explained above, one cannot expect to be able to use the day before price as an approved source for outsourcing, and it is best to ask reliable sources before the day is offered. Be.[/box]

Price of Astara kiwi in Iran
Kiwi harvesting and warehousing and export price

Prices of kiwi vary from place to place. The prices of exported kiwi in Starra are higher than in other parts of Iran. The cheapest kiwi price in Iran fluctuates, but exporting has always been booming. Kiwi is full of properties and prevents many diseases. For this reason, it is produced by farmers and gardeners in various parts of the country and sold to the general public and exported to other countries including Russia. Untimely harvesting of kiwi fruit may occur in cities.

Kiwi is one of the garden products that should be harvested in a timely manner. Gardeners do not hurry to harvest their crops. Kiwi is a subtropical fruit and should be harvested when it arrives Kiwi sugar reaches its peak until November 20th and is a good time for harvesting after that time, kiwi harvesting time is the most important factor in fruit characteristics such as weight loss during storage, storage, reduction in fruit tissue firmness. The shelf life of the kiwifruit significantly affects the amount of solids and solids. For these reasons, kiwi prices are higher in the Star and fluctuate. Kiwi Starra is available in various grades and is marketed.
[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]The price of a kiwi star is almost high if it is of the first and second kind.[/box]

Kiwi harvesting and warehousing and export price

Kiwis are originally from China

A lot of big European and Asian countries are trying to increase their kiwi production, because of the rising popularity and trading of these amazing fruits. Iran is also one of these rising companies that has reached the top kiwi producing countries in the world and has the cheapest kiwi price in Iran.

Kiwis are originally from China, and China is still the biggest producer of these fruits in the world. But they have achieved a worldwide popularity in the past few decades.

So A lot of different countries are now harvesting kiwis on a commercial scale. Iran is also among those countries and the kiwi price in Iran are affordable due to the large amount of production.


Kiwis are originally from ChinaKiwi production in Iran

The first steps towards kiwi production in Iran began over thirty years ago. Most of the farms in the northern states of the country were dedicated to oranges. As result, the farmers were looking for something to replace them. Kiwis were the final choice because they have a very high tolerance for cold. And also they can also live in the low winter temperatures of the north.

Iranian kiwis are produced in the states of Mazandaran, Guilan, and Golestan. The kiwi price in Iran is usually lower in these states. But their kiwis are also sent to other states of the country, and are also exported to a lot of Middle Eastern and Neighboring countries.


[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]You can see Kiwis and other fruit and vegetables of Vitarad company in or instagram page:[/box]

Kiwi production in IranIranian kiwi export product

Most of the Iranian kiwis exported to the neighboring and Middle Eastern countries. Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates are the biggest customers of the Iranian kiwis. The short distance and the many sea and land borders between the two countries, will reduce the transportation costs.

So as a result, the final retail prices, won’t be much higher than the kiwi price in Iran. Also Iranian kiwis are of the highest quality and extremely popular on the international markets. There more than 21000 tons of fresh kiwis exported to around 22 countries every year from Iran.


Iranian kiwi export productExport packing for kiwis

Kiwis harvested while they are still unripe and hard and will ripened later along the way or in storage. As a result, there are not a lot of worries for bruising or cutting them during transportation. However, in order to keep them fresh, the packages must be able to protect them from heat.

They also must be kept away from constant contacts with the open air, which can ripen the fruits before the desired time. The packaging process will also add to the total kiwi price in Iran and the importing countries. Companies usually make these boxes from cardboard or plastic in different sizes with different capacities.


Export packing for kiwisCheapest kiwi price in Iran

There are a lot of open farms, harvesting kiwis in Iran under different conditions. The prices of kiwis in Iran can vary in accordance to many different factors. There are also different varieties of kiwis with different qualities and retail prices.

The most popular kiwis on the international markets are the green Hayward kiwis. Which farmed in more than half of the Iranian farms. There have also been some farming of Golden kiwis in Iran. As these varieties are becoming more and more popular these days. Iranian kiwis are really affordable for the neighboring countries, considering the high quality of them.


Cheapest kiwi price in IranIranian kiwi prices

The kiwi price in Iran can depend on a lot of factors both from the producing and the importing country. The biggest indicator in setting the prices of kiwis and generally fruits, is the transportation costs that come with it. The method of the shipment and the distance of the two countries can impact the final price of the kiwis very much.

Even though, technologies these days have made the transportations much easier, cheaper, and faster. As a result, these technological advancements, made the final retail prices of kiwis lower than what it was before. Iranian kiwi prices are also lower within the country. There are also a lot of kiwi exports to neighboring countries with such low transportation prices.

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