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Buy black pomegranate seeds from Iran

Black pomegranate is the most expensive pomegranate in the world and because of its skin color it is very attractive among pomegranate varieties. Buy black pomegranate seeds from Iran is suitable for planting and growing bonsai pots (great offer to bonsai artists).

Black pomegranate and its properties

Iran is the second largest producer of pomegranate and India is the second largest producer of pomegranate in the world. You can buy black pomegranate seeds from Iran by vitrad Trading. You’ve seen less black pomegranates. Rather than being in the fruit box, it is found in canned fruits because it is highly therapeutic.”Jaundice, diarrhea, and pertussis” are the main diseases that the pomegranates treat.

Pomegranate contains 15 amino acids, 6 of which are found in no other fruit except pomegranates. This property is very suitable for vegetarians because those 6 amino acids other than pomegranate are only present in meat.

Pomegranate keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Buy black pomegranate seeds from iran

Black Pomegranate Seedlings Training

Be careful when buy black pomegranate seeds from Iran, First we soak the seeds in water for 2 days and allow the seeds to swell slightly, then soak them in the cloth for 1 to 2 days. You can keep the seeds inside the napkin before germination, but be careful not to dry it at all.

Then pour the desired pot or transplant tray into a light, lightweight soil (a mixture of sand and manure or leaf soil) or peat moss and water well. Place pomegranate seeds 2 cm or less above the soil surface and cover the seeds with a lightweight soil less than 5 cm high. Now spray gently with a good spray (water spray) and close the pot with plastic and yarn or close the lid if planted in a container. Now place it in an environment with enough light and a temperature of 2 to 3 degrees.

Once the pomegranate seedlings have reached 2 cm in length, move them to their original location.

Black Pomegranate Seedlings Training

The main characteristics of black pomegranate and its high commercial value

Pomegranates are usually planted in the subtropical cities of Iran. If you have very cold winters, keep your pomegranate seeds in a pot and in a very light place at home. Black pomegranate is highly resistant to cold and tolerates temperatures of 25 to 30 ° C. Pomegranate tree height is between 2 to 7 meters. Seed planting distance is between 1.5 to 3 meters.

To buy black pomegranate seeds from Iran can contact vitrad Trading Consultants. The planting depth is half a centimeter and requires cocoon, light, peat moss for growth. The soil should have good drainage as well as pomegranate flowering in spring. Black pine need low irrigation, full sun and partial shade. Black pomegranates have a high commercial value that is particularly popular.

It is planted in most parts of the world and has beautiful flowers that eventually turn into flowers and the leaves are green.

The main characteristics of black pomegranate and its high commercial value

Can the pomegranate shell be eaten?

Healing properties of black pomegranate in traditional medicine: If you drink a few drops of water each day, it can treat severe, severe coughs and coughs. Healing properties of black pomegranate skin in traditional medicine: Pomegranate peel is effective in killing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Researchers say black pomegranate peel has antioxidant properties as well as antioxidant properties.

Using black pomegranate skin, they went on to fight against very strong germs and insisted that with all these properties black pomegranate skin could not be eaten and the ointment should be better prepared. A team of researchers at Kingston University in London concluded that pomegranates can play an important and decisive role in counteracting very strong germs. Buy pomegranate seeds from Iran, the largest pomegranate producer in the world, has a higher quality than other countries. Black pomegranate As its name implies, the name is a species of black pomegranate.

It has black skin and black beans that have a sweet taste. She has thin skin. Using this product has many medicinal and therapeutic properties for health.

Can the pomegranate shell be eaten?

Black pomegranates are an exotic cultivar of the common pomegranate fruit

Black pomegranates are an exotic cultivar of the common pomegranate fruit, which also produced in various Iranian cities like Saveh. These black pomegranates are very healthy and rich with anti-oxidants and many companies and countries buy black pomegranate seeds Iran’s producers.

There are many different cities in Iran producing the fruit, but the products of Saveh are something different. Black pomegranate seeds produced in this city are the best in the world, and are a perfect combination of quality and taste. Theses amazing fruits are also among the most nutritious and beneficial on the planet and they are truly a super food.

Black pomegranates are an exotic cultivar of the common pomegranate fruitBest black pomegranate seeds

Black pomegranate seeds are very valuable as it is one of the healthiest and most beneficial pomegranate cultivars in the world. Pomegranates contain 15 different types of amino acids, which six of them are only found in pomegranates, and can’t be seen in any other fruit. Thus they can help protect the heart by regulating the blood pressure and prevent various heart diseases including strokes. The phytochemicals in pomegranates may help prevent and even slow the growth of various types of breast cancer. This makes them a very healthy fruit for women. Pomegranates have also linked to aiding brain health by improving memory in older adults.


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Sweet pomegranate of Saveh

Saveh is probably the biggest name in the pomegranate industry both in Iran and on the international markets. The climate of the city Is the best for producing high quality sweet pomegranates. The black pomegranate seeds exported from this city are extremely popular and in high demands. Saveh is one of the largest producers of pomegranates in Iran, and most of its products packaged for exports. They are perfect for fresh consumption and have the best quality and appearance. Their products have always been among the best and most expensive pomegranates in Iran as well.


The price of per ton pomegranate

Pomegranates are generally very luxurious products. Almost their wholesale prices are much higher than many other fruits. Black pomegranate seeds are also very valuable and are sent to the very best foreign fruit markets. The harvesting season of these amazing fruits is autumn, and Iran dominates the market in Asia. There are also various exports to the European countries as well. The Iranian production is so high. Which makes it easy for Iranian products to enter the markets without any serious competitions. These pomegranates are also very high quality and mostly grown organic.

The price of per ton pomegranate

Export packing pomegranate from Iran

The packaging of the black pomegranate seed is essential to their exports and sales. There only 3 million tons of pomegranates produced in the world every year, which makes them very exotic. Only the sweet large pomegranates exported for fresh consumption to the top markets. These top markets require luxurious and nice packaging and big moneys are often spent on this stage. Also pomegranates are also very delicate and require packaging that can protect them during transportations. Each exporting company has its own methods in packaging, nut the most common are cardboard boxes.

Export packing pomegranate from Iran

Buy black pomegranate seeds

Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world and produces almost a third of the global production. Black pomegranate seeds are among the most valuable and profitable Iranian fruits. Many local and international companies trade Iranian pomegranates every year.
Almost they are very popular on the foreign markets, especially in the Middle East. As a result, all companies very interested in them. The market between these companies have become very competitive. Each of them are trying to promote their own products and present the best quality with the lowest prices to the foreign customers. There are even foreign fruit companies from North America, which purchase Iranian fruits.

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