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Red Delicious apple price in Iran

As researches have shown the red delicious apple with hull in comparison with other fruits, has more advantages and properties. This fruit is full of A and B and C vitamins. You can buy it on good price in grocery markets. Red delicious apple price in Iran is fit for major purchase.

Benefits of the red apple

We must now bring in another important side of this fruit. This fruit is helpful to remedy and treat the overweight and joints illnesses. It is affective in decreasing of body temperature and eliminating of fever. Use of fresh apple results in getting over the diarrhea of children. Constant use of apple is effective in decrease of some fats like three glyceride and cholesterol; apple stops the indigestion, it regulates the activities of stomach. The antioxidant activity of hull of apple is two or three times more than inner part of apple. The hull of apple has phenolic compounds and flavonoids that are valid.

Red delicious apple price in Iran announced in grocery markets and export markets.

Benefits of the red apple

How and how much use of apple is helpful

Moreover than all mentioned features, red apple is effective in remove of all the poisons of the body. It solves the uric acid because it has the alkaline materials; it makes offset the splash of saliva and splash of stomach. When you use three apples a day and observe the nutrition points about the other foods, through some weeks, this action has desirable effects on plasma fat indexes.

Although the optimum use of apple not interdicted for any illness, but the people that have digestion patience, like ulcer, must use cooked apple. However cook of apple because of making juice or other uses leads to waste of some natures of this fruit, like B and C vitamins and some minerals like potassium. You can buy Red delicious apple in Iran in desirable price and use that fresh and sweet.

How and how much use of apple is helpful

The global production of red apple

The original source of apple is middle Asia. After thousands years of apple planting in Asia and Europe, this plant was carried to north America by the European colonists. Apple trees are result of big seeds but the crossbreed trees are smaller. More than 7500 strains of apple are known in the world. Therefor various strains bred for different uses and tact, like cooking, fresh use and wine production. In 2010 almost 69 million ton apple were produced in all over of the world that almost half of this amount was produced in China. America possessed the 6% of this amount thus the second score, Turkey had third score and Italia and India had the fourth and fifth score. In 2017 Iran was the sixth producer of apple in world.

Red delicious apple produced in Iran; it has desirable price and many fans.

The global production of red apple

The production of Iranian apple

The production of apple in 2017 allover of the world was 83.1 million tons. Based on the last reports of Iranian agriculture minister the production of red apple in 2010 was 2854000 ton, and in 2017 was 3050000 tons, this figures show 1.7% yearly growth in production of this crop. Through these years, apple production, toward the other garden fruits, always had the first score. In 2014 apple was the most important garden production of Iran. Through this year, apple possessed the 19% of garden productions of Iran.

The map of township production in 2014 shows that Urmia, Samirom, Salmas and Damavand were the main producers of apple in Iran. Maybe because of high production of this fruit, Red delicious apple price in Iran is lower. The comparison between amount of apple production of Iran and chief producers of world in 2014, shows that after China, Europe Union and America, Iran was the fourth producer in the world. Iran produces 4.3% of global production of apple. Generally in America apple produced through organic method. In Europe production of organic apple is hard.

In Iran too production of organic apple is done and was successful.

The production of Iranian apple

Red Delicious apple price in Iran for sure

Red Delicious apples are a variety of apples first recognized in Madison County in the 1880s, which now consists of more than 50 cultivars itself. These apples are among the most produced and most popular varieties in the world and this popularity affects Red Delicious apple price in Iran for sure.
More than 100 types of apples are commercially created in the world, with different types of shapes, color schemes, texture, flavors. Red Delicious apples are also among the most popular and produced varieties in the world, which originated from the USA. Red Delicious apple has a sweet but very mild flavor, and is cultivated all over the world.Red Delicious apple price in Iran for sure


Where does Iran rank in the world by apple production?

The world production of apples is around 90 million tons every year. China stands in the first place producing almost half of this amount annually with 44.4 million tons. The United States, Poland, Turkey and India are also ranked second to fifth.
These countries ranked respectively 4.6, 3.6, 2.9 and 2.9 million tons of apples annually, respectively.
Iran stands in the 6th place with the annual production of about 2.8 million tons. Iran produced this amount of apples in over 254200hectares of open farms all over the different states of the country.
There are a lot of different varieties produced in Iran. For example Red Delicious apple price is in moderation compared to others.Where does Iran rank in the world by apple production?


Iranian apple Varieties

There are about 80types of official apple that are discovered in Iran and produced in different parts of the country. Most of the apples produced in Iran are from the Golden, and Red delicious varieties. Other popular apples among the Iranian farmers are Gala, Fuji, Granny Smiths, and the local variety of globe.
Most of these apples harvested in the Autumn. But there are also about 10% of the Iranian apples that picked in Spring and Summer.


This video is about lobnani red apple of vitarad company

What is Red Delicious apple?

Red Delicious is one of the most famous American apples, and one of the most widely grown apple varieties worldwide. The bright red color of this variety have made it commercially successful and extremely popular. Red Delicious is a medium-sized apple, with a tall conical shape.
It has a comes with a beautiful scarlet color and has strong shelf appeal. Red Delicious apple’s price is also different from other types due to the different harvesting conditions and qualities.What is Red Delicious apple?


Red Delicious apple importing countries from Iran

Iran exports its apple to many countries around the world. These products have always been very popular among our customers. Iran produces around 1.4million tons of Red Delicious apple, exports around 800000tons of apples to importing countries every year.
Most of the Iranian apples exported to Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. There is also some interest for the Red delicious in Russia and European countries.Red Delicious apple importing countries from Iran


Apple packing for export

In the first steps of packaging apples, they all must sorted by their shape and sizes. Red Delicious apple price depends a lot on the size and the appearance of the fruit. They also have a very delicate skin and react with oxygen really fast.
Because of this fact, the boxes must be strong enough to carry their weight and protect them from cuts, bruises. Packages should also aerated. This will cause the least amount of fresh air to be in contact with Apple.

Apple packing for export


Iranian apple Prices

Iran is one of the biggest fruit exporting countries of the world. Apples are a big part of this commercial transactions. On average, Iran exports about 145000tons of apples every year which brings millions of dollars of income for the country.
Apple markets have also become very competitive with the new technologies available at hand. These technologies have made the harvesting, and shipments of the fruit so much cheaper, safer, easier and faster. With these benefits, apple producers were able to lower their prices and focus all their resources on increasing the fruit’s quality.

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