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Green kiwi exporter from Iran

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The climate conditions to breed kiwiGreen kiwi productionGreen kiwi exportImportance of packing and sending methodsGreen kiwi exporter from IranGreen kiwi production in Iran's fruit farmskiwi is a good sweet fruitKey buyers of kiwi in IranSorting and packing kiwi for exportBuy from Iranian kiwi exporters
Green kiwi exporter from Iran

Green kiwi exporter from Iran exports the best qualified kiwi to many countries of the world because many countries are buyers of this crop. The northern states of Iran have the proper soil and climate condition to cultivate. And breed the best kiwi. In other provinces these conditions are not available.

The climate conditions to breed kiwi

According to the researches carried out the proper conditions of soil and climate provided only in northern provinces of our countries that are Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan. In the other states of Iran, because the rate of the moisture is low and soil pH is high. Because winter is very cold, planting and breeding of this crop is not possible.

In 1959 the selected strains of kiwi named Hayward, Bruno, Abbot, and Manty imported to Iran from Italy and France. In 1985 Iranian kiwi crop was lionized as a joinery crop. Today more than 8000 hectare farms of northern states are under kiwi cultivation And green kiwi exporter companies export this fruit from Iran to many countries.

The climate conditions to breed kiwi

Green kiwi production

More than 1400000 tons kiwi produced in all over the world every year. Italy produces 500000 tons a year and has the first score in this point of view. The second main producer is New Zealand and third score is for Chile. Iran produces 200000 tons kiwi in a year and has the forth score. The biggest producer of kiwi in Iran is Mazandaran state that produces more than 110000 tons kiwi through a year.

After Mazandaran, the second score is for Gilan state that produces 70 tons kiwi every year. Harvesting of kiwi is starting from November early days. After picking the fruits, they packed and one part is sent to internal markets. Green kiwi exporter companies sell this crop to international markets.

[box type=”error” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]The kiwi that exported from Iran has high quality and delicious taste.[/box]

Green kiwi production

Green kiwi export

Through recent years in Iran, the kiwi cultivation areas are increasing, therefore high volume of kiwi  harvested. Kiwi export also is proceeding and high percent of fruit export belongs to kiwi. In Iran there are proper orchards on quality, price, harvesting and sorting point of view. They have suitable baskets and springhouses and storehouses, supervision and transportation possibilities in all of the states to decrease the wastage.

The sorting and packing and labeling actions done based on what the customer wants. Vitarad company, green kiwi exporter from Iran, has provided vast range of crops and services. As the Iranian kiwi that produced by Vitarad company has special taste and quality.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]It also has high qualified packing and transporting system.[/box]

Green kiwi export

Importance of packing and sending methods

Export kiwi is a very sensitive fruit that wastes rapidly when incorrect transportation and deficient packing. Therefore the packings methods must be so that keep the kiwi safe until receiving to the destination. Kiwi packing must by high qualified and strong cartoons and baskets. Also these crops must carried in appropriate containers and fridges that are special for fruit transportation, not to decay when the way is long. There are various ways about sending methods that are sea ways and aerial ways.

Green kiwi exporter from Iran sends this crop to countries like Russia through the sea way and the containers ship the kiwi crop until the port and deliver to the buyer. Turkey and India are other countries that buy Iranian kiwi. To transport the kiwi crop to turkey, air way and road ways are the available possibilities. When sending kiwi crop to India temperature is an important point. Maybe hot weather in India, result in decrease of quality of the kiwi crop. Doubtless no merchant wants to buy septic fruit. This problem can lead to loss of exporter.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Therefor emphasis on proper packing and export in containers and fridge possessing trucks are important points.[/box]

Importance of packing and sending methods

Green kiwi exporter from Iran

Kiwis are among the newest agricultural products in Iran with only a few decades of history, but even in this short time, Iran has become the 4th largest producer of kiwis in the world. There are also a lot of companies which act as Green kiwi exporter from Iran and send the products to many different markets.

Besides being one of the largest producers of the world, Iran is also among the top green kiwi exporter countries and dominates large parts of many foreign markets. Iranian kiwis are also very high quality and are among the best found in the world. They are one of the greatest natural sources of vitamin C in nature, which can easily supply the daily needs.Green kiwi exporter from Iran


Green kiwi production in Iran’s fruit farms

All of the Iranian kiwis produced in the northern states of the country which have the perfect climate for these types of farming. These states are located between a sea and a series of mountains, and have a cool humid weather which is perfect for kiwis. Because of this great climates, Iran has become one of the biggest Green kiwi exporter and producers in the world.

There a lot of different types of kiwis produced in Iran, but the most common is the green Hayward cultivar. This variety of kiwi very well known on the international markets and accounts for more than 50% of the global exports. It is very popular in Iran as well.

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kiwi is a good sweet fruit

Kiwis are amazing healthy fruits and most Green kiwi exporter know and use these benefits in their advertisements. Kiwis have plenty of fiber, which is really good for digestion and can help ease it. Their green flesh is sweet and full of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium.

Their small black seeds edible, and that’s where the vitamin D packed. It’s thought that the high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants that kiwis contain can actually help treat people with asthma. All these benefits and the amazing taste, makes them really popular in the is a good sweet fruit


Key buyers of kiwi in Iran

Most of the Iranian kiwis distributed to the local markets and consumed by Iranian people. Over the past few decades, they have become very popular and are a main part of the Iranian lifestyle now. They are also popular on the international fruit markets in the neighboring countries.

There are a lot of kiwi buyers in Iran, which purchase and export Iranian kiwis to many Middle Eastern countries. Iranian green kiwi exports, are a large part of the agricultural industry of Iran and very important to their economy. There also a lot of jobs in Iran, created because of this fruit.Key buyers of kiwi in Iran


Sorting and packing kiwi for export

Kiwis are among the fruits which can be harvested while they are still unripe. Unripe kiwis are harder and less vulnerable to heat and physical harms. This will make the whole process of sorting and packaging of kiwis much easier, faster, and less costly. Most of the Iranian kiwis are from the world famous Hayward cultivars.

Also most of the Green kiwi exporter of Iran interested in these products and claim that their sales much easier than other unknown kiwi varieties. The companies do the packaging and sorting of the kiwis and prepare them for international exports.Sorting and packing kiwi for export


Buy from Iranian kiwi exporters

These days, purchasing products from the Iranian Green kiwi exporter have become very easy. These exporters, supply a large part of the kiwi markets in most of the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. There are also some websites which sell Iranian kiwi products. They have these kiwis available on large wholesale scales, and provide worldwide delivery to their customers.

Iranian kiwis are also very popular on the international markets and are always among their best seller products. They owe this popularity to their amazing quality and their organic nature. Also, most of the neighboring countries prefer Iran because of the lower transportation costs and lower prices, which makes them more profitable.

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