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Persian cucumber for export to Iraq

Iraq merchants are in favor of Iranian fruits and vegetables. Especially Persian cucumber for export to Iraq. The reason of difference between Iranian export cucumber and other countries cucumber is that Iranian gardeners don’t believe using chemical material like poisons as pesticide.

Packing of cucumber crop

Because Iraqi buyers know about quality of cultivation, breeding and harvesting of the cucumber crop in Iranian lands, the demand of this fruit is very high from Iraq country. Therefore it is possible to consult about Persian cucumber for export to Iraq.

Export of cucumber to Iraq and other applicant countries will be carried out based on standard principles about packing of this crop. Based on new rules about packing of export cucumber, the maximum weight of cartoon or basket must be 15 kilogram, if the package has not this weight, Iranian custom won’t let the party of cucumber crop to be exported.

Vitared company provides the best package for cucumber crop that is exported to Iraq.

Packing of cucumber crop

The price of Persian export cucumber

The price of export cucumber varies in different seasons. Thus the exporters must be patient until the time of harvesting and packing of crop and then announce the price of Persian cucumber for export to Iraq, because the kind and quality of crop and packing are effective on final price of cucumber crop.

The way of sending the party to destination has effect on price of export cucumber. The best approach to export cucumber to Iraq is through road way by camion and trucks that are especially for fruit loading and carrying that are equipped with fridge. In this way the crop will receive safe and quickly to customer.

Vitarad company provides the best way to send safe and low priced crop.

The price of Persian export cucumber

Export of fruit to Iraq

Export of fruit to Iraq is one of necessities for this country. Iraq is one of Persian gulf seaward countries. It has very dry and very hot weather. Almost in all parts of this country only palm tree is grown. We can see orchards and fruit gardens only in north area of Iraq that is a mountainy region.

If we don’t pay the political subjects, Iran is the only country that can export fresh fruit and dry fruit to Iraq easily. Through recent years Iran was an economic pole that exported fruit to Iraq and other Persian gulf countries like Qatar and Kuwait. And about Persian cucumber that is exported to Iraq, it is necessary to say that this fruit is exported to Iraq every year.

Iran has the most organic fruit crops in world and cucumber is not exception to this approach. Therefore Iranian fruit has high sale.

Export of fruit to Iraq

Advantages for cucumber export from Iran to Iraq

  1. Tax for cucumber export is trifle: Persian cucumber for export to Iraq has very low tax. Unlike European countries that contemplate tax for all their exports and imports, none of Iran and Iraq governments undertake tax for export and import of fruit and vegetables.
  2. The population of middlemen is low: admittedly expose of export article in every country needs some middlemen. This phenomenon soars when the distance is more. Sometimes the amount of middlemen is so much that no more remaining the name of the original producer country. But this problem there is not about neighbor countries export.  Indeed rare middlemen lead to protect originality and decrease in price.
  3. Short distance for export: short distance leads to lower expenses to keep and transportation. Some fruits decay quickly when they are kept in high temperature or when they are dense on each other. Therefore they need camions with fridge, this leads to high expense. But when the fruit is exported to Iraq the percent of financial losses is minimum and the merchants can obtain more gain.
  4. Introduction of Iranian preponderant fruit crop.

Advantages for cucumber export from Iran to Iraq

Persian cucumber exports to Iraq

Healthy cucumbers are a great addition to every diet for all people and they also produced on very large scales in Iran and exported to many countries. Persian cucumber exports to Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries, are very important for the country’s agriculture and economy.

Cucumbers are one of the best choices, if you want to snack all the time and do not gain any weight. Cucumbers filled with different minerals and vitamins, and are very low in calories, which makes them a great choice for everyone. Persian cucumbers some of the finest examples of these vegetables found in the world in terms of quality and taste.Persian cucumber exports to Iraq


Iran has a good climate for cucumber cultivation

There are more than twenty different climates in Iran and it has a wide variety of weather conditions from extremely cold to extremely warm. Also, on the other hand, cucumbers are also very versatile vegetables and can be grown in different climates as well as both in greenhouses and open farms.


Different types of cucumbers require different climates and the humidity and the sunshine of the region, will affect the product’s quality and size. Persian cucumbers in the north are mostly grown in open farms. Greenhouse farming Is also popular in the central and southern states. It is because they use less water and have a higher production rate.

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What are the characteristics of Persian cucumbers?

Persian cucumbers are one of the best cucumber cultivars in the world for fresh consumption. Their sweet flesh has made them very popular for eating raw or with salads all over the world. Also they seedless or come with very few seeds, which makes them ideal for many of the international cuisines.
Many countries also use them for making pickles and import them from Iran on large scales. The thin skin of these cucumbers will make the pickling process faster and more efficient. They are also very popular inside the country and consumed by the people of Iran all over the year.What are the characteristics of Persian cucumbers?


Cucumber Shoppers in Iraq

Iraq is one of the largest importers of cucumbers in the Middle East region. Growing commercial scale cucumbers in open farms requires large amounts of water. And because of the lack of the fresh water sources in Iraq, it is more appropriate to import most of the cucumbers. Persian cucumbers are the best choice, because of their high quality, amazing taste, vibrant colors, and organic nature.
Also, Iran and Iraq are neighbors and have a lot of trades and land borders. This short distance will reduce the transportation costs, and make the whole trade more profitable for both parties.Cucumber Shoppers in Iraq


Cucumber exports to Iraq

Last year alone, more than 105000 tons of fresh Persian cucumbers exported to Iraq. That was actually more than half of the total annual exports of the country, that year. The cucumbers on the other hand, are very popular in the Iraqi markets, and are always in high demands. Exporting vegetables to the neighboring countries like Iraq, and Russia is more convenient.
One of the reasons, is the short shelf life of the cucumbers and the harms of chemical preservatives that used in international shipping. This way, healthy organic products, could reach the markets as fast as possible.Cucumber exports to Iraq


Prices per ton of Persian cucumbers

Since Persian cucumbers grown in both open farms and greenhouses, they are available all year long and constantly exported. The type of the exported cucumbers is very important in setting their sale price. Open farm cucumbers more commonly popular, because they considered to more natural. Because of this fact, they are more expensive than the greenhouse produced cucumbers.
Also Iran has got a lot of different cultivars like the barbed and regular cucumbers. All of these different cultivars have different shapes, sizes, tastes, and other qualities, which makes their price also different. The other indicator of price is the shipping distance which mentioned before.

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