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Buy red apple from Iran

Apples are one of the main and best agricultural products of Iran and different types of it produced all over the country with high quality and amazing taste. Most of the neighboring countries buy red apple from Iran and supply their markets with this amazing nutritious fruit.

Benefits of red apples for health

One of the most famous idioms about apples is that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. These amazing delicious fruits are full of different nutrients and vitamins and can do miracles for the health. Red apples are low on calories and carbohydrates and on the other hand have lots of dietary fibers. This makes them an ideal snack or even a light dinner for athletes and people on diets.

They are also a great source of vitamin A and can be beneficial for eyesight. Iranian red apples are also among the healthiest and most delicious apples available in the Middle East region.

A lot of countries from Asia and other parts of the world buy red apples from Iran and have it on their local fresh eating fruit markets.

Benefits of red apples for health

Quality of the Iranian red apples

Iran is a vast country with lots and lots of different climates and as a result is able to produce high qualities of different apple cultivars. Majority of the Iranian apple products are the Red and Yellow Delicious apples, as they are the most popular in Iran and also in the world. There more than 800000 tons of apples exported from Iran every year and that is a proof of the high quality and popularity of these amazing fruits.

Iranian apples perfect in shapes and size and can used for fresh eating. They have also got long shelf lives and that makes it possible to sell them on international markets without the use of any chemical preservers. Many people prefer to buy red apple from Iran because it is the perfect combination of quality and taste.

After all, Iran is the 6th largest apple producer I the world.

Quality of the Iranian red apples

Apple production in Iran

More than 3 million tons of high quality apples produced over more than 250000 hectares of farms all over Iran. It is one of the main products in Iran and the production is constantly increasing. West and East Azerbaijan provinces in Iran are the major production hubs in the country. There lots of local and popular international apple varieties harvested all over the country and a vast majority of them are red.

This is due to the popularity of the red apples in the local and international markets. Red Delicious Apples the most popular and produced apples in the world and they also account for more than a million ton of the Iranian apple production. Most of the countries in the Middle East buy red apple from Iran.

Iranian apples are among the finest and most popular products in the markets in these countries.

Apple production in Iran

Iranian red apples and international markets

Iran is among the top 10 manufacturers of apples all over the world, and as a result. There nearly 1 million tons of apples exported from Iran every year and they are an essential part of the fruit markets in the region. A lot of Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and the united Arab Emirates.  Buy red apple from Iran every year. These apples are also very popular in Russia and East Asia. Unlike other fruits, apples have a longer shelf life and it makes. It possible for them to exported to countries all over the world. Without concerns of losing their freshness or taste during the process.

This will also decrease the transportation costs for exporting companies and makes the overall job much easier. Most of the apples produced in the country are top grade and are targeted for fresh eating. Their perfect shape and color makes them impossible to resist. But there are also lower quality products which are perfect for making side products such as pies and vinegar, and apple extracts.

Overall, Iranian apples are extremely popular over the international markets and fruit exporting companies have no problem selling them, as they are always in very high demands.
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