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Export yellow apple to Russia

There are more than a million ton of Yellow Apples from different cultivars being produced in Iran every year. Besides supplying the local markets, they are also exported to many neighboring and Asian countries like Russia. Many fruit companies export yellow apple to Russia on very large scales.

Apple consumption in the world

Apples are among the most popular and most known fruits in the world, and they are consumed in all the continents on very large scales. There are more than 83 million tons of these fruits being produced every year, which is a sign of their popularity worldwide. Most of the apples are consumed fresh but there are also a lot of apple flavored products in super markets all over the world.

Many countries do not have the agricultural needs or the requirements to produce apples and have to import them from commercially producing countries. For example, Every year Iranians export yellow apple to Russia on very large scales.

International apple trades are a big part of the International agriculture.

Apple consumption in the world

Different types of apples produced in Iran

There are hundreds of different apple cultivars being produced in different parts of the country which have different climates, altitudes, and soil quality. As an exporter country which produced apples on commercial scales, Iranian farmers need to produce internationally and locally popular cultivars to be able to sell them later on.

That’s why more than 2 million tons of the total 3.7 million tons of apples produced in Iran are from the famous Red and Golden Delicious cultivars which are perfect for fresh consumption and are always on very high demands. It will also make the exports much easier and Iranian companies export yellow apple to Russia and lots of other neighboring countries like Iraq and the United Arab Emirates every year.

Iranian apples are a symbol of quality on the region’s international markets.

   Different types of apples produced in Iran

Iranian apple exports

Iranian apple industry, has millions of dollars in revenue every year, and is a large part of the country’s agriculture and economics. Many cities in Iran are also known for their apple production and the people’s lives and jobs depend on these amazing fruits. Besides being one of the largest apple producers in the world, Iran is also a big supplier of the Middle Eastern and West Asian fruit and vegetable markets.

The amount of Iranian apple exports, exceeds hundreds of thousands of tons, and their products are number one in terms of popularity in many different countries like Russia. Iranian fruit companies export yellow apple to Russia and other international markets as one of their most popular and high-demanding products.

They are very well received on these markets and the demands for them are constantly on the rise.

Iranian apple exports

Health benefits of red and yellow apple

Apples are a symbol of health in many different cultures from all over the world, and that is not far from the truth. These fruits are a mine full of various vitamins and nutrients and can help the body in many different ways and prevent various diseases. As the expression goes, an apple a day, keeps the doctors away. Both red and yellow apples are full of useful minerals and essential nutrients for the body. Most importantly, apples are packed full of anti-oxidants which can help to improve the body’s immune system. An improved immune system will protect the body against all the illnesses resulted from various viruses and bacteria, and can help them to make the illness much shorter.

They are also good for skin care, and can help to keep the skin moist and soft for longer. Some scientists even believe that regular consumption of apples will delay the aging of the cells and can keep you young, for longer. All these amazing benefits have attributed to their popularity and many countries import these fruits on large scales.

Iran is one of the main suppliers of apples in the region, and its fruit companies export yellow apples to Russia and other customers every year.
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