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Sale seedless grape to neighbor countries

Grapes are a very common item on the international fresh fruit markets and many countries produce and export them on large commercial scales. Iran is a main supplier in the Middle Eastern regions and the grape producers there, Sale seedless grape to neighbor countries every year.

Seeded and Seedless grapes

Both seeded and seedless grapes are produced in, and exported from Iran on large commercial scales. However, the Seedless grapes are more popular for fresh consumption. These grapes are larger in size and usually have a sweet taste which makes them perfect for this. They also come in various shapes and colors.

Many fruit companies in Iran sale seedless grape to neighbor countries as one of their most popular products. The seeded grapes are also used for fresh consumption but on a relatively smaller scales. These grapes are more popular for making various high quality side product.

Both seeded and seedless grapes are packed full of different nutrients and can be a great addition to a healthy diet.

Seeded and Seedless grapes

Iranian grape production

Iran is the largest producer of fresh seedless and seeded grapes in the Middle East, and also among the top 10 of the world. There are hundreds of different grape cultivars being produced in different cities of Iran with various climates and altitudes, and each of them has its own characteristics and qualities which cannot be matched with any other product on the international markets.

Iranian farmers produce large amount of grapes and are able to supply the local market and also sale seedless grape to neighbor countries. There are also exports to other parts of Asia and some European countries as well. Most of the Iranian grapes are grown with organic and traditional methods which adds to their quality and taste.

They are extremely popular on the international markets and the demands for them is constantly on the rise.

Iranian grape production

Grape importers in Asia

Many Asian countries, especially the ones in the Middle East, do not have the required agricultural infrastructure and climate to grow grapes on industrial scales and have to import them from global suppliers. Usually, the number one choice for these countries is Iran. Iranian grapes are high quality and perfect for fresh consumption.

Another important reason is the fragile nature of fresh grapes. These fruits have a very thin skin and short shelf life and transporting them over long distances can result in disaster. So most neighboring and Middle Eastern countries supply their grape markets from Iran, which makes the transportation process much easier and allows them to get the grapes as fresh as possible.

Iranian fruit exporters sale seedless grape to neighbor countries such as Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia.

Grape importers in Asia

Health benefits of grapes

There are many different health benefits in consuming fresh seeded and seedless grapes, so make sure to add them to your basket every September when they are in season. First of all, grapes are a rich natural source of various anti-oxidants. These amazing nutrients can help boost the immune system and prevent common and serious diseases.

They can also help in regulating the blood pressure and preventing heart attacks and strokes. Grapes are also very high in useful dietary fibers and are low on calories and fats. This benefits makes them an ideal choice for people who want to lose weight and diabetic patients. Scientists also say that consuming fresh grapes can help you to take better care of your skin. Grapes can help your skin to hydrate and slow the dying of the cells and the aging process.

They are also very rich in many different nutrients and vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, B and many more. Overall, they are one of the best choices for an end of the summer snack. It is also quite easy to buy them everywhere as large producer companies such as Iran.

Sale seedless grape to neighbor countries in the Middle East and West Asia.
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