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Biggest kiwi exporter company

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The best kiwi in northern IranPrices of kiwis in 2021Kiwi exports to TurkeyBiggest kiwi exporter company
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The prices of the best northern kiwis are announced every year by the distributors and their quality will be determined that export by Biggest kiwi exporter company . In 2020, different buyers have requested their orders directly from reputable collections to announce the lowest price.

As you know, fruits are one of the most important crops grown in northern Iran. Because the climate of this region has provided very good conditions so that producers can produce a variety of fruits with excellent quality.

The best kiwi fruit of the north is one of these products. So that the best kiwi in the north can be considered limited to the northern regions and a large amount of it is supplied directly throughout the country. Kiwi is a fruit that needs moisture conditions to have the highest quality. For this reason, the green head region of northern Iran has been the best option for this fruit.

The best kiwi in northern Iran

Kiwi is grown in various northern cities and will be harvested in large quantities. Therefore, it is offered directly in the market of Iran and other countries at the current price.

Some of the kiwi producing cities are:

  • Tonekabon
  • Rasht
  • Sari
  • Astara
  • Talesh

Of course, the amount of kiwi harvest in these cities is different and large producers have always paid the most attention to themselves.

In this way, kiwi distributors who market their products after sorting, always announce a certain price and offer them directly.

Prices of kiwis in 2021

Kiwi fruit is a product that pays special attention to the issue of its sale in the country and abroad.

For this reason, its price will be determined by considering the quality and quality. Therefore, in recent years, suppliers offer products that have a specific price and their quality will be considered by buyers.

Announcing the price of kiwis in 2021 is very important and people who order these products will get help from specialized and large collections. In this case, they will be able to buy the best type of kiwi in large quantities, which will be one of the best varieties.

Kiwi exports to Turkey

Various markets can be named for the best kiwi in northern Iran. One of these markets is Turkey and we can see the cooperation of Biggest kiwi exporter company from Iran with Turkish customers.

In this way, better cooperation conditions are provided by specialized collections and the daily prices of kiwifruit are provided to people.

The best northern kiwi offered in the Turkish market is packaged. This product, which has the highest standards, is offered today at the current price, and buyers can announce their major orders to the exporter.

Biggest kiwi exporter company

Vitarad Company is one of the major suppliers of kiwi and Biggest kiwi exporter company in the Turkish market and always announces the specific price of its products.

Exporting the best northern kiwi to Turkey is one of the most prosperous export markets because kiwi is a popular fruit among buyers and the majority of people, and the reasonable price of this product has also expanded this field.

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