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Iran red apple fruit price

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Most searches for red applesType of apple packaging for IndiaApple fruit packaging and sales companies
apple fruit price

If you are looking for inquiries about the Iran red apple fruit price, our business consultants will be ready to provide services. Red apple in Iran with the beginning of harvest from orchards and also with the simultaneous start of tree apple export, its price in 2021 is estimated from 12 thousand to 20 thousand tomans.

It should be noted that the difference in prices in Iran depends on the harvest area, fertile soil of the garden, the percentage of color of each apple, the percentage or amount of trait or hardness of apples that customers in the Iranian market as well as in foreign markets target. Every year, they buy from Iran and buy the type of apple in terms of grading.

apple fruit price
apple fruit price

Most searches for red apples

As you are familiar with the Vitarad collection through the Internet and cyberspace, we need to let you know that the most searches for red apples in foreign markets are:

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    It has been the best Iranian red apple and in this article we try to talk about the apple fruit and its details from the time of harvest to its export to foreign countries, which is one of our main customers to buy red apple fruit.

It is good to know that red apples, like golden apples in most cities of northwestern and central Iran, are harvested in September, after which they are harvested by gardeners in 10 kg plastic baskets in cold storages equipped with a strong cooling system. Are stored at temperatures between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius above zero.

The shelf life of red apples in each of these areas at the level of cold storage is also different, some apples up to 4 months, some in different areas up to six months, and also last year we identified apples in some areas to we also kept it in cold stores for a year without any loss of quality.

Apple fruit price

Type of apple packaging for India

In previous years, most apples exported to India were often packaged in three rows in 10 kg plastic baskets. Inside each of these baskets, there were different sizes of apples without regular sorting, and they are currently stored in Iranian cold stores with the same type of packaging.

But fortunately, during the mass import of Iranian apples to India, citizens and those who were active in the wholesale market of this country, gradually changed their order in two-row baskets that are white in color, as well as in two-row cartoons of 8 kg and 10 kg. Vitarad Group now exports apples in this type of packaging to India every year for its former customers.

The cleaner and more elegant the packaging of apple fruits for India, it will surely convince many buyers to cooperate and buy Iranian apples, so every year the Iran apple fruit price for export to India has changed significantly in the orchards.

apple fruit price

Apple fruit packaging and sales companies

Each collection should be able to appear successful in its field of activity by determining its infrastructure, therefore, those who are active in the field of apple fruit production should increase their focus in this field, and if correct and up-to-date information on how to produce this fruit correctly. If not, it will not be able to sell its product to different markets.

Also, companies that are active in the field of packaging and selling apple fruits, they must have good experience in their field to be able to convince their customers to buy products. The Iran red apple fruit price varies among gardeners who produce this fruit in a city, and we stated the reason that everyone must be a master in their field of work in order to be able to sell their services or products at the highest price.

With many years of experience, Vitarad Group of Companies is well aware of the quality of apples harvested from orchards for export to foreign markets, so it has never wanted to simply meet the orders of its customers, but has always tried to do so. Is able to turn its potential customers into actual ones. This is one of the main points of export structuring, which aims to satisfy its customers.


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