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Apple selling companies in Iran

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Iranian apple fruitHarvest time of apple fruitsApple selling companies in IranWholesale Iranian apples
Apple selling companies in Iran

Most of the Apple selling companies in Iran are also active in the field of export. This group of apple tree exporters are among those who own cold storages in different parts of Iran. But they may not have enough experience in standardizing apples for export, and this may affect the quality of apples after they arrive in the destination country.
If you are looking for reputable companies in the field of supply and export of Iranian apple trees, there are various steps that you can get help through the Iranian embassy in your country or search the names of Apple selling companies in Iran in virtual networks, and of course By correspondence and telephone conversation, you will come to the conclusion that there are companies that specialize in the supply of apple trees that you can safely buy a significant amount of Iranian apples. Even these Apple selling companies in Iran, with their agents in shipping and transportation, provide the best services in order to minimize the price offered to customers.

Iranian apple fruit

If you do not have enough information about apple trees in Iran, it is better to know that Iran is one of the main centers of production of apple trees in the world. These apples can be harvested from different parts of Iran.
One of the most important export types of apples in Iran can be:

  • Grani Smith Apple
  • Red Delicious
  • Golden Delicious Apples
  • Apple Pink Lady
  • Gala Apple
  • Fuji apple

He pointed out that of course the harvest time of these apples is different in different seasons.
But the most important and best-selling apples that the company has had in the last few years have been red apples or Red Delicious and yellow apples or Golden Delicious apples, which in 2021 will be harvested over 4 million tons and approximately 70% of apples exported in Iran belonged to these two varieties.
Apple selling companies in Iran also often operate these two types of apples, which are both easier to supply and less difficult.

Of course, keep in mind that the quality of apples in orchards may vary from city to city, and it is very important from which areas the exported apples are harvested. Despite the fact that Iranian apples are one of the most popular apples in the target countries, but some Apple selling companies in Iran do not pay attention to these points and also apple tree exporters do not comply with the necessary standards for exporting red and yellow apple fruit. They say that this issue can weaken the Iranian apple market in foreign countries in the coming years.

Apple selling companies in Iran

Harvest time of apple fruits

Do you know when it is time to export apples to Iran? Or from which month does the harvest time of apple trees start?
Most of the apples that always have high sales in Iran are harvested in autumn, which starts in late September and lasts up to a month. But in cities with very cold climates, the apple harvest time may be about a month late, and the more apples are grown in mountainous areas, the bolder they become and the longer they last.

Apple selling companies in Iran

Apples that have a longer shelf life can be stored in refrigerators for up to a year after harvest, and there may not be an apple with this shelf life in any country, so you, dear buyers, You should be careful in choosing the apple harvest area in Iran to be able to provide the best and most quality type of this fruit and for this you will need an expert consultant who can help you with the purchase.
Apple selling companies in Iran often supply red apples and golden apples from the best areas because some apple selling companies in Iran rent apples from the orchards, harvest them and store them in cold storages for a long time. If the apple has a shorter shelf life, its quality in cold stores will decrease and no company that acts as an apple supplier would like to sell its products at a lower price.

Apple selling companies in Iran

Wholesale Iranian apples

Vitarad Trading Group is the largest group in the field of wholesale of Iranian apples, which has set up an 8,000-ton refrigerator in the city of Urmia, and this refrigerator is equipped with a high cooling system that maintains the quality of apples as standard for up to one year. he does.
Also, in 2021, the company has launched a mechanized sorting salon that it has imported from Italy, which with this process will be able to supply and deliver the amount of orders from foreign customers in the fastest time.
But in other cold storages that exist in different regions of Iran, sorting and packaging of apples is done manually, and in this type of sorting, naturally the amount of eye error can be high and all apple sizes will be different when packing. It would be contrary to the request of foreign buyers, which would lead to the cancellation of cooperation in future parts.
Apple selling companies in Iran, in order to be able to sort and package apples by machine, cooperate and buy apples from this company, which process will increase the amount of Iranian apple exports in 2020 to 2021.

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