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Granny smith apple price

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Fourth country producing applesBuyer of green applesGranny smith apple price
Granny smith apple price

The Granny smith apple price, unlike other Iranian apples, is relatively higher, with some varieties harvested in the summer and other varieties harvested from orchards at the same time as autumn apples.
Granny smith apple, which are harvested in summer, have a matte green color that is not in great demand in the Iranian domestic market, which is why most gardeners harvest these apples early in order to be able to sell their products as soon as possible.
But in some regions of Iran, Granny smith apple are harvested from early autumn, the production volume of this apple is relatively lower, but the Granny smith apple price for export always reaches over 25,000 Tomans, which is the most harvested in different cities in the northwest of the country. Has.
This apple is also known as French green apple in Iran, and those who are active in the field of apple tree export in Iran always buy it under the name of French sour green apple, which in 2021, according to the latest estimates of our experts at Vitarad, is mature. About 500 tons of these apples are stored in cold stores.

Fourth country producing apples

Iran, as the fourth largest apple producer in the world, has introduced more than five varieties of this fruit in foreign markets, the best-selling of which has been in great demand:

  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Apple Red Delicious
  • Golden Delicious Apples
  • Gala Apple
  • Fuji apple

He pointed out that the Granny smith apple price was higher for foreign markets than other varieties, and we mentioned their names in relation to the selling price of each of these apples, respectively.
But the important point is that Red Delicious apples and Golden Delicious apples have more statistics in the field of cultivated area and harvested from Iranian orchards, and even different countries want to buy Iranian red and golden apples every year.
Of course, the demand for Granny smith apple, as well as Gala and Fuji apples from different Asian and European countries has been high, but the volume of these apples harvested from Iranian orchards is not large, and this has made other apples in Iran a better position in Do not have foreign markets and only know Iran with red and golden apples.
The high level of red and golden apple exports from Iran has made Iran one of the largest exporters of these apples in the world.

Granny smith apple price

Buyer of green apples

Every year, Iranian green apples are bought from several countries, with Iranian apple exporters to Russia and the Persian Gulf countries having the highest sales statistics.
Iranian green apple has a very high shelf life, but the fruit is quite sensitive, which at the time of harvest must meet the necessary standards for picking apples from the tree, otherwise it will damage the skin and over time its quality Lose.

The Granny smith apple price in Iran does not have this problem and it has a thicker skin with a very high shelf life in orchards as well as cold storages. To be able to sell at a high price in the coming months as foreign customer orders increase.

Currently, there are about 300 tons of Granny smith apple in Vitarad cold storage. The Granny smith apple price has been stated by the gardener at 25,000 Tomans. If you have a potential customer in any of the foreign markets, you can buy the highest quality apples in Iran.

Granny smith apple price

Granny smith apple price

Some colleagues, before the harvest time, intend to buy this apple in the orchards. Every year in the areas where the quality of apples is the highest, the Granny smith apple price in the orchards of different regions is about 8000 to 15 thousand tomans and Is for sale. This difference in the Granny smith apple price is different from the quality, size and area of ​​apple harvest. Even the shelf life of Granny smith apple is different, which has caused the Granny smith apple price to be always variable in the domestic market as well as for export.

Major Granny smith apple orchards in cities

  • Orumieh
  • Oshnavyeh
  • Maragheh
  • Mahabad
  • Damavand

The collection of apples harvested from these cities has been exportable to the target countries, but unfortunately the right cooperation and advice has not been provided to gardeners so that they can increase their production in the field of Granny smith apple, and this has caused us to We will lose many customers from different countries who want to buy Granny smith apple in Iran.

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