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Red golden apple price

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Cold storage temperature for storing applesSpecifications of high quality apple fruitRed golden apple price

The Red golden apple price in different parts of Iran will be more than 10 thousand tomans, because now a week has passed since the apple harvest in Iran, the Red golden apple price in the domestic market is traded from 9000 to 10,000 tomans. Be.
These two types of apples are from the group of autumn apples that start to be harvested in early October and are kept in cold stores for export to foreign markets.
A very important point in this regard is that some apples have a lower shelf life in cold storage and at the time of sale, the Red golden apple price was lower than apples in other regions. If you want to buy different types of apple trees from the cold storage, you can easily find different prices of this fruit in different grades. The harvest of red and golden apples is so large that you can find the most competitive Red golden apple price in the cold store compared to your target market.

Cold storage temperature for storing apples

Of course, in terms of apple quality, not only the harvest area can be used as a criterion, but also how it is stored in cold storage can be a very important issue in promoting the shelf life of apples or maintaining its quality. Therefore, some cold storage associates do not have the expert information to properly maintain the fruits or fall short in their activities.
Anyone who works in cold storage should follow the rules
Indoor temperature
amount of humidity
Proper ventilation
Do not open and close the doors of the hall during the day.

Be more careful, but unfortunately, every year, during its visit to the cold storages in different parts of the country, the Vitarad group has witnessed that some of these colleagues have failed in this field and are not doing their job properly, which causes a decline in quality. Gardeners’ red and yellow apples are cold storage after a few months.

It is better to know that the standard temperature of apples in cold storage is between 1-2 degrees Celsius above zero and the humidity should be about 90% and at the same time with this process, the ventilation of warehouses should be active to ensure the quality of apples in The optimal limit should be kept constant for up to 6 months.
The Red golden apple price by following all these guidelines can have a good profit margin for gardeners, and all cold storage have a duty to be able to maintain the garden products of each gardener in a principled and standard manner.

Red golden apple price

Specifications of high quality apple fruit

If you have entered a cold store in different regions of Iran to buy apples and you do not have enough information to identify quality apple trees, you should first note that cold stores should be set up in areas where the apples of that region are of higher quality. . For example, if you go to cold storages that are not in mountainous and mountainous areas, the apples stored in them will also belong to the same areas. But if the cold storages are set up in the foothills, the apples in which they are stored also have a higher level of quality, and you can easily buy the best apples in the first stage.
The second and important point is that at the surface of cold stores, the feet are not in the same quality color, and some orchards may have pests or lower quality due to lack of care by gardeners, so note that apples that have skin Smooth and high hardness and its color is high and the garden is normal, if it is stained or stained, it will be one of the main characteristics of apples for export.
The Red golden apple price for this type of apples has always been higher than apples that have lower quality and hardness, and most apple exporters in Iran spend a lot of money to buy.

Red golden apple price

Red golden apple price

The city of Oshnavye in the province of West Azerbaijan is one of the foothill apple-growing regions that has the best kind of red and golden apples. Due to being located in the foothills of cold mountains, different varieties of this fruit are sent to domestic and foreign markets every year with a very high survival rate.
Of course, we also point out that Oshnavyeh does not have quality apples in all its areas, and you should seek help from experts and companies supplying apples in Iran to travel to this city.

The Red golden apple price in this city compared to:

  • Location and care of the garden
  • Harvest area
  • The amount of color
  • Apple size

Is different. The highest number of apple sales in Oshnavyeh is related to red apples, which are done in 10 kg plastic baskets to more than 10 countries. Fortunately, in 2021, with the growth of fruit trees in this region, we will see an increase in red apple harvest compared to last year. This increase in production will cause many countries that were actual customers to buy Iranian apples to increase their order volume in this area.

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