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Iranian apple fruit price

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Which Iranian apple is better?Export time of Iranian apples and kiwisIranian apple prices for India
Iranian apple fruit price

The Iranian apple fruit price for red and gold varieties has reached its highest level in 2021, and fortunately, with the increase in production of these two types of apples in orchards, it has brought significant economic growth to gardeners.
Iran is one of the largest producers of Red Delicious apples and Golden Delicacies, with an annual production of more than 3 million tons of these two varieties, has the highest export statistics.

At present, the process of exporting red apples and golden apples at a price of 55 cents per kilo is underway, which was the rate for FOB Bandar Abbas.
The selling Iranian apple fruit price compared to the price of apples in other countries has been almost competitive, which has caused many countries in 2021 to cooperate to buy the best type of Iranian apples.
In almost all regions of Iran, there are large orchards of autumn apples, and fortunately, from all these areas, apples in different grades are exported to neighboring countries and other European, African and Asian countries.

Which Iranian apple is better?

If you are looking to know which type of Iranian apple is better for export, in this article we will mention various items for which you can buy the excellent quality of Iranian apples at the lowest price.
In previous articles, we referred to different varieties of apples in Iran and said that apples in Iran in varieties such as:

  • Apple Pink Lady
  • Fuji apple
  • Gala Apple
  • Granny Smith
  • Apple Red Delicious
  • Golden Delicious Apples

They are harvested from gardens.
But among these Iranian apples, some of them have the highest production for export and also the shelf life for storage in cold stores have the highest level.

Red Delicious Apple and Golden Delicious Apple are the most important apples for export in Iran, which have the highest quality level compared to other cultivars.

In most different parts of Iran, these two apples are produced in the foothills, which have a very cold climate. Its color is very bright, its firmness is over 20 and their shelf life in cold stores is more than six months. Due to the standard export items, foreign customers enter Iran to pre-purchase these apples.

Of course, it should be noted that these apples are different in terms of quality and the type of weather and weather conditions of the harvested area of ​​apples can have a direct impact on the quality of apples and their selling price in the market.
The Iranian apple fruit price for foreign markets, which are often exported from these two types of apples, has been the lowest rate compared to the world price of this fruit. To inquire about the Iranian apple fruit price, you can contact our consultants in this field.

Iranian apple fruit price

Export time of Iranian apples and kiwis

With the beginning of apple and kiwi harvest, the process of selling it for export begins at the same time, so that autumn tree apples in Iran will start to be exported from September, and kiwi Hayward and other cultivars of this fruit will start to be exported from October.
Apples that have been exported in Iran are more than red and golden apples and the largest volume of kiwifruit exports is related to green Howard kiwifruit, which is exported every year to different countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Many customers who buy apple and kiwi apples from Iran every year from foreign countries. With the beginning of fruit harvest from Iranian orchards, mass orders of buyers always begin, so that in 2021, Vitarad’s exports for apple and kiwi There have been more than 200,000 people to countries such as

  • England
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • America
  • India
  • Ukraine

And some neighboring countries have been.

The Iranian apple fruit price for export to any of these countries has been quite reasonable compared to the world price in their market, and the main reason for the entry of Iranian apples and kiwis into the market of these countries has been high quality and low selling Iranian apple fruit price, which is a very competitive rate. It is considered in global markets.

Iranian apple fruit price

Iranian apple prices for India

Another very large market for Iranian apple trees is India, which has the highest number of Iranian apple imports each year.
This country, which is the most populous country in the world, has a very high consumption of apple tree cultivars.
It annually produces more than one million tons of apple trees from countries such as

  • Iran
  • America
  • Poland
  • Chili
  • New Zealand
  • Turkey

It imports that fortunately Iranian apples have a special place in the wholesale market and Mumbai, Delhi and even southern India.

The Iranian apple fruit price in the Mumbai market has the highest rate compared to other states, so that many exporters of red apple trees in Iran have the most customers and buyers from this state.
In the last five years, Vitarad Trading Group, with the growth of its red apple export index to India, has been able to harvest the largest varieties of apples from different parts of Iran and export them to the northern and southern states of India.

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