Indian green banana prices

Indian green banana prices in the middle east

Bananas are one the favorite fruits for people around the world. Bananas have two main kinds: yellow and green banana. Green banana is the raw banana which is not delicious like the yellow one. One of the reasons the banana is picked raw is for exportation but this kind of banana has it is being […]

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Indian banana prices

Indian banana prices in the Middle East

India is one of the Asian countries which produces bananas in Asia and exports them to the great Asian and world fruit market. Indian banana prices along with the quality of the Indian bananas in the Middle East have made this fruit a popular product for many countries to import from India. Banana has a […]

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Banana import prices

Pakistani banana import prices

Bananas the biggest widely consumed fruits in the world with the annual production amount of 150 million tons, and most tropical countries are producing them. Pakistan is among the big producers and many countries are supplying their bananas from them according to Pakistani banana import prices. Pakistan is one of the main producers and suppliers […]

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banana prices around the world

One of the countries producing banana is India which has a good share in the global market because of the banana prices around the world. Banana produced in India is exported to the countries in the area and to those countries which want high quality fruit on a low price. world highest banana producer country […]

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