Kiwi exports from Iran

Kiwi exports from Iran to the middle east

One of the most important works in the context progress of the Iranian economy and turning the cycle of the country‚Äôs economy is export that an important part of these exports is the export of fruit that one of these fruits is kiwi. Kiwi exports from Iran to the middle east cause enhances the economy […]

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Golden Kiwi exports

Golden Kiwi exports to Arab countries

Golden kiwis are among the rarest and most exotic fruits of the world, and there are many few countries that produce and harvest them on large commercial scales. There are lots of golden kiwi exports to Arab countries in the Middle East, and there are also plans to expand this amazing kiwi market. Golden kiwis […]

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Kiwi Talesh

Kiwi Talesh exports to Georgia

All of the Iranian kiwis produced in the northern states of the country, because of the humid moderate weather, and there are a lot of cities like Tonekabon or Talesh which are famous for their kiwi products. Talesh is one of the largest producers in Iran and there are a lot of kiwi Talesh exports […]

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Green and golden kiwi

Green and golden kiwi exports from Iran

Green kiwis have been a popular part of the international kiwi markets over the past few decades, and now there is a new trend which is golden. There are few countries like Iran which produce both of them, but there are many green and golden kiwi exports from Iran every year. Green and golden kiwis […]

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Kiwi exports

Kiwi exports to Georgia

Kiwis have become really popular in the world over the past few decades and many countries like Georgia are importing large quantities to supply their markets. The biggest West Asian producer of the fruits is Iran which every year, has a lot of kiwi exports to Georgia and other countries of the region. Kiwis are […]

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kiwi exports by country

As a fuzzy fruit mainly produced in China, kiwi is of a great popularity in the exports market. Export kiwi by country an issue mainly focused by the country. In order to increase the production of the fruit by facilitating it cultivation in many areas of the country. kiwi fruit benefits Kiwi fruit has the […]

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